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Poll Results: Do you drink soda?

  • 9% (22)
    Yes, regular soda, daily
  • 11% (28)
    Yes, diet soda, daily
  • 9% (24)
    Yes, regular soda, a few times per week
  • 4% (10)
    Yes, diet soda, a few times per week
  • 22% (54)
    Yes, regular soda, but rarely
  • 3% (9)
    Yes, diet soda, but rarely
  • 35% (87)
    No, never (or very rarely, like a few times per year)
  • 3% (9)
    I'm a special snowflake (aka "Other")
243 Total Votes  
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H*ll, yes. I love my caffeine and the colder, the better! Even in the middle of winter. Regular Coke or Pepsi, although I prefer Coke.


Several a day. I'm addicted. <shrugs>


I get nasty yeast infections from any and all sorts of artificial sweeteners (per the gynie 10+ years ago), so I can't touch it at all!


Have you ever had Mexican Coke - aka Coca-Cola? Made with real sugar. Comes in small glass bottles of the traditional Coke shape. I can get some here locally at Walmart since there is a large Spanish-speaking population locally. Yum. Tasty.

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No, not anymore (I quit about 8 months ago).  I used to love Coke, especially the Mexican coke in a glass bottle made with cane sugar.  I still look at them longingly when I'm in that aisle at Albertsons - oddly, they are right next to the butter. 


You couldn't pay me enough to take a sip of a diet soda. 

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Im a carbonation junkie. I pour sprite zero into my wine whistling.gif


Now that Im out about that, Il tell you that I voted diet soda everyday. its horrible and evil, I know, but Iove it. I have at least one caffine free diet dr pepper every day. But Im such a hypocrite because I buy almost all organic food.

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I will drink a pepsi every once ina while. Coke if I cant find a pepsi. I used to drink them every day but I had gooten out of the habit of it. Now I just use it as a treat maybe once a month.

I have tried the diets but dont think they taste good. And they always seem to give me a headache after I drink a diet one.

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I drank 3-4 Diet Cokes a day for the past 21 years, the only exception being when I was pregnant and I quit.  I was diagnosed with a chronic incurable disease late last year that I really believe is connected.  My sister drinks 3-4 a day as well as does my father.


I am now on my 21st day of no Diet Coke and I feel so much better.  But I miss it every day.

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I chose other. I don't drink caffeine, but think diet soda tastes gross. So I only drink caffeine free soda. I do not drink soda often, maybe a handful of time a year. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't keep it in the house very often, and most places don't keep caffeine free Pepsi on tap (lemon lime is ok sometimes, but not my favorite)
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Very rarely.  Like we'll have some excellent root beer at Thanksgiving at my parents' or I might get one if we are forced to eat at a fast food joint and the water tastes icky (those machines are so dirty, for water or soda, BLECH!)


When I'm pregnant I am actually more likely to choose one while out bc sipping a 7up was the only way I could get my food down while we sat there.  Oh lordy what fun.  At home I'd just take my time nibbling when I could muster the nerve. 

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I drink regular soda occasionally. I never have it in our house and I never drink it when eating out. We go to my Mother's vacation house a couple times a month and the dink choices there are soda, coffee or wine. I will drink one or two cans of soda on those weekends.

Diet soda is slightly less harmful than rat poison IMO. I have harassed everyone I know about it and they have given it up as well. I'm not sure if it's because they're tired of hearing me complain or if they have finally realized how nasty artificial sweeteners really are. All I care about is that nobody I love is drinking the toxic juice anymore. joy.gif
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I didn't vote.


I drink 1 pop a week when we go to my mom's for dinner.  I'd take pop over the poison water she gets at her house.

If I'm drinking wine at home (and it's not MY kind) I pour some Sprite in with it.  White Zinfandel with Sprite is awesome.  That's 1-2 times a week.

If dh and I go out and I'm not into drinking beer, I'll have Capt Morgan and Coke.  That's only every few months.


I don't ever drink Diet anything.  

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Couple times a week.  I'm a Coke junkie.  I try to limit myself to no more than 1 a day max, but it's usually every few days.  Full-strength, too, no diet anything.  I'd rather take my chances with the HFCS than artificial sweeteners. 

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Nope.  It makes my stomach burn.  Not to mention the bloating, gas, the burn of it down your throat.  Yuck.

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Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post

I rarely drink soda, and NEVER diet. But I do enjoy ginger ale or root beer on occasion. And a local brew called Eli's Blueberry Pop. I LOVE that stuff.


What's this about frozen Coke? I've never heard of that. How do you consume it? With a spoon? Do you stick a can in the freezer? Wouldn't it burst?

I am thinking she is talking about a slurpee? 


I was a soda junkie for YEARS growing up.  Cut soda about 8 years ago and never looked back.  My gut has thanked me. 

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I adore Pepsi and don't keep it in the house except for parties and the rare 12 pack I buy of the throwback Pepsi made with --gasp-- real sugar!!  


I will drink it like crazy when we eat out, but other than that, I really try to stay away from it.  If I'm having an awful day I will drive through Taco Bell and get a giant Pepsi.

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i'm a special snowflake who drinks soda infrequently, and it could be diet or regular!  if i really just want something fizzy (like, to drink with spicy and/or greasy food), i might get diet soda, or i might get some other kind of fizzy water that doesn't really have calories.  or if i really, really, really want a specific non-diet soda, i will have it.


i used to drink regular soda pretty much every day, sometimes 2 or 3 cans.

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I try to get the pepsi throwback so at least it's sugar and not HFCS, good reasoning right? :p I have a seltzer siphon and miss my bubbly water but don't have the $ for the cartridges right now 

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Never. I think it's disgusting. I am so lucky that I think sweet cold drinks are gross. I LOVE water!

Only problem is I have a bad tea habit. 3x a day loaded with milk and a big old spoon of sugar.

I'm doing the same thing as soda drinker. It's still a fix no matter which way.

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regular when the mood catches me. 


i am the rare and drinker.


so i may not get the craving for 6 months but then i'd drink a whole two liter for a few days. 


however there are times when i CRINGE when i see soda or any sweetened drink for that matter. 


diet tastes horrible to me. i CANT stand the after taste.


however my personality is that way. there is NOTHING i drink regularly or eat regularly. 


when i crave something i tend to go on binges. 


right now its regular potato chips - the bad kind. i cant remember the last time i had any. i got one of those giant bags (other brands will not do) and have been eating it for a week. 

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Rarely. It makes me feel sick so I don't have it much. When we're out to eat I'll have either water or pink lemonade. Sometimes I'll have organic stuff like Hanson (or Henson, I forget how it's spelt) or Izze.

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I voted yes, regular, but rarely. As in I can't recall the last time I bought it. Or drank it. Maybe sometime last summer? In fact, thinking about I probably should have voted "no, never or very rarely". 


I almost voted "other", not because I'm so special, but because your options don't fit me.  Because I drink the stuff so rarely, I don't bother with whether its' regular or diet. I'll drink either. Really, I could have voted "yes, diet, rarely" and it would be true. If I have a choice, though, I drink regular rather than diet. so that's the way I voted. 

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Mexican Coke junkie...a few times a week. Mmmm, sugar. 

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