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birth story added **I had my 100% natural birth and my baby is a .....

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Miles Patrick was born at 12:04am this morning (2/8/11)

Weighing in at 9lbs even

21" long

healthy and adorable! He is so mellow and nursing like a champ!!




Natural childbirth was both harder and more amazing than I ever could have imagined it! I'm so proud of myself and happy with my birth (which helped heal me from my last birth).  Don't really have time to write the whole birth story right now but will as soon as I have a chance.  


Birth Story Highlights

I just don't feel like I have enough time to write it all out nicely and beautifully but here ya go:


Woke up at 4am on the 7th of Feb with contractions. They were 8 minutes apart for two hours. Over the next few hours seemed to fluctuate between 6 and 8 minutes (occasionally as far as 10).  Called my midwife (she was "specialling" me...usually you rotate between the midwife and 3 obgyn's but she made a special deal to be at my birth :) ).to let her know I was pretty sure i'd be having a baby that day.  Also kept texting my doula and keeping her in the loop.

 We called my parents to pick up ds (3.5 years) and decided to just hang around until my contractions picked up. We played Monopoly, I took a bath, we went for a walk (which picked up the contractions a bit, but was kind of a bad idea because the sidewalks were sooo nasty, slushy, puddly and snowy. My feet got soaked and we kept going in the road to avoid puddles and of course then i'd have this big crazy contraction and stand there rocking with dh (probably looking like a lunatic to oncoming traffic!! LOL).  My midwife called to check in, I told her i was still having the contractions, nothing too intense and i was happy to keep dealing with early labor at home.  She was at the practice doing prental apts all day and told me that if i wanted she could squeeze me and and do a "labor check" to let me know if I dilated more, etc.  I said I thought I was okay for the moment but would call back later if i changed my mind.


 At around 3pm I called and said I would like a check...she fit me right in and said I was at 4 cm and she could feel the bag of waters bulging through.  I went back home and had lots of way-more-intense contractions in the car and in the house.  The midwife called at 5pm and said she was done for the day but figured she wouldn't bother driving home since i'd probably be ready to head the hospital soon.  She talked to my DH because i was in the middle of moaning and she said "is that her? you should come in now." We packed up our stuff and arrived at 6pm.  So basically 3 hours after I had just been checked and guess what? I WAS AT 7CM ALREADY! seriously I was floored! I mean the contractions were getting more intense but i never would have thought I was 7!


My dh, doula, nurse and midwife were the most incredible team and helped me through the next 3 cm which took about 6 hours. When I got in the tub they really picked up and I had a hard time focusing but the team was there helping me through.  I started to get panicy and think I couldn't do it. I could hear myself saying things but not thinking before I said them.  I remember thinking "I sound like a toddler!" lol because i really did not knwo what was going to come out of my mouth.  My team kept telling me I could do it and I WAS doing it.  I got checked and was at a 9.  I really wanted this baby out and started pushing a little bit on my own.  Obviously that put me over to 10 or something because suddenly I NEEDED to push.  The water started making me feel really nauseas so even though I thought I wanted a water birth, I actually wanted to get out and lay on the bed.  Not on my back, but on my side.  After 14 minutes, at 12:04 am on the 8th my sweet baby Miles Patrick was born!


This story is so different than with my ds which was a 36.5 hour induced labor (because of my water breaking and me not going into labor) with pitocin and and epidural and FOUR HOURS of pushing.


I feel like I did all the prep I could to work through the trauma of the my last birth and be prepared for this one and it all paid off. I was literally on the moon with love and power and just everything when my new baby was born.  Natural birth truly is incredible and it is something you cannot describe.  It's amazing how in those final minutes when it gets so hard and you think there is no way you can endure it any longer, but somehow you do! and you sort of don't feel human..it's like you are out of your mind! hahah.  Or maybe that's just me, but that's how it felt.


OH and a kind of funny part was during my pushing, I could hear all the ladies around me giving me encouragement, telling me i was doing great, etc. and then all of the sudden i hear this annoying male voice say "go holly!" Come to find out it was a medical student and anyway I yelled out "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE, THAT GUY!" and pointed over in his direction.

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double post sorry

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Woo! Congratulations! :)

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YES YES HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!  Congrats!

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Congrats!!!!!!! joy.gif


This makes me excited to see if my little one is a boy or a girl! orngbiggrin.gif

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Adorable!  You did a great job, Holly!!

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Yeah!!!! I'm so sorry for you! wasn't the surprise wonderful!

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Awesome! I love the picture!

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Oh so beautiful! So happy that you got to experience natural childbirth! Welcome Miles!love.gif

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welcome Miles!!! congratulations mama on having a boy...and a natural childbirth! looking forward to reading your birth story! in the meantime...enjoy that cutie... :)

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Congrats!! Love the name Miles :)

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Congrats holly!


So excited for you, great picture!


Love the name.  :)

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congratulations mama!!! he is *beautiful*!


i'll just added miles to the birth announcement thread and realized the other baby born on 2/8 (audrey eileen/born to sarahkristy) was ALSO born at 12:04am and was 21 inches long!  (different weights, but still a cool coincidence!) winky.gif


~ sarah

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How wonderful!! Congrats!!

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Congratulations on your awesome, healing birth love.gif  That picture is beautiful...enjoy your little guy hug2.gif

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Congrats on a wonderful healing experience and beautiful baby boy!
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WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!! Can I just say WAY more than a weird coincidence!!! We only live 20 minutes away and I was saying before that it was a good thing that we had different midwives just in case of going into labor at the same time! And our babies were BORN at the same moment. I'm amazed!!

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