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Books about childbirth for children

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Does anyone have any suggestions for books that can explain pregnancy and childbirth to a child? My 3 year old son is very curious about this process, and my explanations are not satisfying him. I think pictures would be helpful.

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We bought the book "How You Were Born" by Joanna Cole for my 2 year old to start prepping him for being present at the birth of his sister.  I love it because it is factual and not illicit.  It shows pictures of the fetus, but not diagrams of sex which I felt was too mature for him at that point.  We read it a lot and he really seemed to understand and grasp its concepts.  He still asks to look at it sometimes, even six months after his baby sister was born!  It's also recommended by Parents magazine and is relatively inexpensive...

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Thank you, that sounds perfect!

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we were at the library recently looking for books about paci's and found the "all about babies" section right next to it!  most of these are geared toward kids expecting new siblings.  my primary advice is NOT to take these books and read them cover to cover with your child.  look at the pictures together and summarize the info in the way you think will fit your child.  oh, there are so many good choices!

* there are a few by Dr. Sears (What Baby Needs & Baby on the Way).

* my personal favorite, for the amusement factor, is Mommy Laid an Egg by Babette Cole.  the first half tells absurd ways babies are NOT created (squeezed from a toothpaste tube, delivered by dinosaurs, etc) and the second half shows (very caricaturized) mommies' and daddies' bodies, egg and sperm, a growing baby/mama, and my personal favorite, "how mommies and daddies fit together" (riding on a skateboard, attached to helium balloons, etc. -- with great big smiles!).  my two year old did not get the humor of the first half (of course) so we read it more instructionally ("here are some of the ways babies are NOT made.  they do not grow in flower pots.  they are not made from gingerbread cookies...")  however, i read this book to a three year old last night and she thought it was hilarious!  she has a newborn brother, so she already knows the real story...

* What's the Big Secret by Marc Brown (ie: Arthur author?) and Dr. Laurie Brown is definitely geared toward older kids, but takes more of the general sex ed approach and has some good illustrations.

* Babies Don't Eat Pizza by Dianne Danzig is a sibling-oriented book but it gives good details and illustrations.  we REALLY simplify this story when we read it.

the other piece of advice i have is to read lots of different books on the topic.  they all highlight different aspects and many of the perspectives are valuable.  that's why we love the library!!!  oh, and if you want to just go to the non-fiction section of your library and see what's there, look near J649.65 (although one book is 649.1024 -- go figure).  :-)

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