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SAHM. Right now, ds2 is taking almost all my time and energy, and when the other kids are thrown into the mix, I don't have a lot left for the house. DH is also far more efficient at several tasks than I am. I do most of the weekday meal prep, and all the shopping, and keep a certain level of clean up during the week, but the house definitely isn't my focus.

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Our crazy captialist economy... If I did all the things I do now for someone else, it would "contribute" to the GDP. But because I am feathering our own nest, the economy sees this as an invisible input. Raising decent healthy kids is hard work, and society pays when kids are not brought up in healthy and stimulating environments... but I guess this rant is for another thread...

Sigh. In the US, you get a tax deduction (albeit paltry) if you pay for childcare so that both parents can work outside the home. Hmm. What about those of us who forego a second income to care for our OWN children? Sorry, no tax break for you.

Oh, but yes, for another thread...



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SAHM/P SAHW/dh or homemaker?



Hmmm..."Domestic Goddess"?  "CEO of the Home?"  LOL.  As a PP said, I am the person who has the primary impact on the "hominess" of our home.  From caring for kids to cleaning the house.  From managing the budget to managing much of the livestock.  (Hubby is primary caretaker of horses and cattle.)  If I'm happy, pretty much everyone else is.  If I'm unhappy, pretty much everyone else is.  That cannot be said to the same degree for any other member of our family.  As far as where my focus is - obviously, humans are more important than anything else.  As a homeschooler my kids are with me all of the time and they take priority.  However, the house needs tending too (as do the gardens and the critters) so I find it best not to label myself as *either* SAHM OR homemaker.  LOL...in the reality show Texas Ranch House I had to laugh at the label "Girl of All Work."  Perhaps I'm the "Queen of All I Survey."  LOL.  I'm not "just" anything - mom, homemaker, homesteader, wife, lover...  I am blessed to wear many hats - or one big hat?  Anyhow, I know that when I view myself as one thing (Mom, for instance) and then demands creep in from one of my other responsibilities (homemaking) I can get resentful - so I find it best to develop a "label" that suits me and my life.  I kind of like Queen.  "Her Majesty" has a nice ring to it.  smile.gif  However, I think "Blessed" sums it up best - it's not much of a title, but it's a very accurate description! 

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I consider myself a homemaker. I am disabled so I can't work. My SO is in college again so he is a stay at home dad too for the most part.
He is amazing, he's more of the homemaker than I am ATM b/c of my health. We have an equal & loving partnership through it all.
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