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Think I belong here

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I was due with my period last Tues. on Thursday I had one spot of blood which I am thinking was implantation bleeding. Since then I have taken 5 tests over the last 5 days..lol. the first 3 came up faint postitive but later faded to negative..the last two still were faint but stayed pos. So I don't know if that means this one won't "stick" or what. With my other pregnancies the test always came up a dark line immediately. So far I dont reall have any signs besides the ones I mentioned so idk what to think. I know the day I would have conceieved so according to that I am 4 weeks. Anyone else have tests like mine and had a viable pregnancy?

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I think you definitely have a chance! Maybe you just ovulated later than you thought? Keep testing and see how those tests look as you go. You could always get your hcg levels checked as well if you're super concerned.


((hugs)) and welcome!


I posted my 10dpo in the beautiful bellies thread if you want to have a look. It was very faint.

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thanks for the encouragement Steph..mine do look like your first ones. I am trying to make myself wait until next week to test again....but I probably won't make it past tomorrow..lol.

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Keep testing! I tested twice a day every day from a few before my bfp until almost a week after my bfp. Lol!
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I got another test today..well 3 but I only had to take one because this time the line was dark..so I guess this is real!

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Woohoo! Congrats!

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Thanks! But when I looked at it 45 min later the line had disappeared :/ With all my other pregnancies (including my miscarriage) I got a dark line right away that stayed...I feel like the disapearing line is an omen. I really want to be excited because I already feel so connected to this baby but I really fear I will lose her. (and I really feel "it" is a "her" which is odd because I never had a feeling either way with any of my other pregnancies except for my miscarriage who my son confirmed was a girl.)

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I'm crossing my fingers that you have a sticky one in there! Do you have any more tests? I'm a POAS addict so I would be testing again. Good luck!

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Thanks steph..yep I bought a 3 pack so I am trying to at least wait until tomorrow to test again but it's not easy as I am an addict too..lol!

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You have far more willpower than I do. Of course, I had just gotten 50 internet cheapies from amazon just 3 or 4 days before I got my first BFP so.... I couldn't just let them ALL go to waste, could I?? LOL!

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Trust me the cost is the only thing keeping me from testing twice a dayshy.gif

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Well, if you have amazon prime (I do, got it free when they were giving it to students) then you can get 25 strips for less than $3 with free shipping. I'm an evil enabler, I know. lol.gif

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Wow, Steph. Thanks to you, I just ordered 25 pregnancy tests. ROTFLMAO.gif

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I think we might need to start a POAS addict anonymous soon redface.gif

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Wow thanks for the tip..there is something so satisfying and reassuring about seeing that line show up!orngtongue.gif

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