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Pocono Medical Hospital?

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It is looking more and more like I may very well be re-locating to the Pocono area sometime in the next year.


I'm interested in people's experiences with Pocono Medical... specifically if you have had children stay in the pediatrics ward for any reason?


Thank you!

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I've only had to use the ER there a couple of times, but it's an "ok" hospital. If I had a need for longer term care I'd probably hike down to Lehigh Valley hospital or Geisinger.

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awful-they billed our insurance for tests that they never did, they got fined by the state for doing that because we pressed charges


service/care-NO WAY, NEVER EVER AGAIN!


my ped won't even send us there anymore (only place he has privileges because he is in the area)-we would only go now to LV with friends of our ped


LV as mentioned is a world of difference


you need only look at the turn over rate (even for the head of the hosp)- the local paper- Pocono Record is a great place to start- today the service works are striking


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Ugh. First trip there, husband was there for excrutiating stomach pain. They made him wait several hours before he could get in, and put a whole bunch of sniffles and ear infections type stuff in before him. I wish we had just gone on down to LV. But every time we asked they said "oh, you're coming up soon."


Then he burned his face at work, and someone drove him there (which he REALLY should have gone to LV for, jeez they have the regional burn center!). Well, he got better service that time, I guess when you walk in looking like Wile E Coyote when he blows the dynamite up in his face, it gets people's attention. (He's completely healed now, btw. And he doesn't start fires with gasoline anymore, either).

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Pocono Medical Center has taken great strides. It absolutely is an excellent heart hospital. My son had to stay in the ped unit for a week. The nurses on staff were wonderful. The e.r gets busy. However there are plenty of urgent care clinics that people can go to instead. Trauma takes precedents any day over a stomach bug. I have been taken right in for emergencies and asked to wait for non. 

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