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Good/Bad news from 20 week ultrasound results

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Good news first! Had my 20 week u/s last week and found out that we have a girl! DH and I are both very excited and he felt her kick for the first time a couple of days ago.


Bad news is that the placenta is completely covering the cervix which may mean a planned c-section instead of the HB we were hoping for. Kinda sucks, but at least the little one is doing well smile.gif

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(Due in July as well)


That's great they were able to find out about your placenta NOW instead of waiting and potentially having problems down the road. :) Did they tell you if there was any chance of it moving up at all? That happened to a friend of mine a few years back. 


Also, I've had 2 sections so if you ever wants some tips PM me. :)

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Congrats on your pregnancy!


Yes there is a chance of it moving up, but I am not sure what the odds of that are. I read that anything classified as placenta previa (including low lying and partial) has a chance of 90% of moving up by full term, but I am not sure what the odds for a complete previa are.. I posted a post to ask in the Pregnancy and Birth forum so hopefully someone can shed some light. http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1297134/placenta-previa-at-20-weeks-help


Do you know if your friend had a complete previa? It is a bit annoying actually because we have moved to Canada from Australia and planned to stay here for the birth before returning because of the good maternal health care options (in Australia, there is no cover under private or public systems for homebirth in our state).


Thanks for your offer!

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Yup, she had a complete previa and it resolved on it's own before the birth. :) Not sure if that's typical or not, but I guess it does happen!

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I believe it's a bit early to be diagnosed with previa as the placenta usually moved upwards as the weeks pass.


If you're wanting to pursue a homebirth I'd just get the previa situation checked in the later weeks. thumb.gif They told me my placenta was over the cervix but it moved in both my pregnancies. My last daughter was born at home.


Congrats on a girl! joy.gif

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That is reassuring news! I guess we will see around 28 weeks if it has moved or not. *fingers crossed*

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Congratulations on your little girl:)  My sister had placenta previa in her last pregnancy and it did move up and she was able to deliver naturally, I don't think it was completely away from the cervix until into the third trimester (seems to me it was around 32wks).  GL to you:)

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Just lurking, but wanted you to know that it's something like 75% of 20 week u/s shows a partial or complete previa. By 32-34 weeks only 8% are still there. Your chances of the placenta moving are really good.

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How dare you lurk :P


Those statistics are really good and puts my mind at ease! Thanks to everyone who replied :)

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Just found out today that the placenta is covering the os by 1.5cm and it is posterior... Is there anything I can take from this?

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My sister had placenta previa, so I did some research with her a few years back. Apparently if the placenta covers the os by less than 1.5 cm, it is likely to resolve. If it covers it by more than 2.5cm, it is not likely to resolve. http://www.fpnotebook.com/ob/Bleed/PlcntPrv.htm  Posterior is the usual position of the placenta, so that can't hurt. Sounds like there's a chance it will take care of itself. 

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Hmm I am kinda in the grey zone then given the cover is 1.5 (possibly 1.6) based on what I overheard during the u/s. At least posterior is normal smile.gif

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