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VBAC OB recommendations in the East Valley

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Hi Ladies,

I am planning on having a VBAC this summer and am looking for OB recommendations.  I currently have an OB but I'm not sure that she will allow me to have the delivery that I am hoping for.  Have any of you had a successful VBAC with an OB that you would recommend?


Thanks for any input!!

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Try Dr. David Kells. Good luck!

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There are a couple of Naturopath docs that do VBAC's: Dr. Farra Swan and Dr. Anne Marie Palzer. Dr. William Chavira does VBAC's at St. Joe's and I have heard nothing but great reviews about him. Dr. Beck in Mesa will do them as well.


I have a lot of experience supporting mom's through VBAC's whether it's a home birth or hospital, so if you're planning on having a doula (which I highly recommend for a VBAC), zip me an email :0)


Take care!

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Congratulations!  I had a VBAC myself about 3 years ago - totally worth the effort!!   Dr. Brass-Jones will do VBACs, I've heard of many women having great births with her, and douladianne mentioned the other providers I had in mind.  The Naturopaths offer homebirths.

The birth center that just opened in Mesa may offer services to VBACs, you ought to check them out: 

Women's Birth & Wellness Center
504 W. University Dr.
Mesa, AZ

Claudine P. Calligan CNM, FNP-C
Kristina Calligan RN, BSN


Also check out ICAN of AZ on Facebook or at www.ican-online.org/chapter/search for support


Blessings on your journey!!


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Yes, DoulaReese...the Birth Center in Mesa does allow VBAC's but you have to go through an interview process. The reason they can do VBAC's at the center is Claudine Calligan is a Family Nurse Practioner.

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Thank you for your responses!  

I did try Dr Brass-Jones and she is booked up for June - apparently she will only do 2 vbac's per month.


That is wonderful that the birth center will do vbac's - however I would just be a little to nervous in the event that something did go wrong.  In a perfect world I would have loved to birth my baby there.


I have made an appointment with Janice Bovee CNM  and VWFW who can do VBAC's at Chandler or Mercy Gilbert.  I have heard a lot of great reviews of her and am looking forward to making the switch to a midwife.  I think ultimately a midwife will help me to have the natural birth that I'm hoping for.  


Oh and I do already have a Doula that I had worked with for my DD who ended up being breech.  Thank you for the offer.  I know that there are soo many wonderful Doulas out there and your jobs are invaluable.


Thanks again!!

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I really like Janice Bovee...I was with my daughter-in-law while Janice helped deliver our first grandbaby :0)

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I would also interview Ramona Joesph, CNM at Dr. Kells office. She is awesome!

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I know this is an old thread but I want to make sure that everyone is aware of my experience so that anyone going on here to make a decision sees this. I would not go to Janice Bovee or to Mercy Gilbert to deliver. 

Janice is fake and just tells you what she thinks you want to hear. I felt as though she didn't remember what we discussed last time and she was just a broken record. The only plus is that she did let me husband catch my son as I birthed him!  

Mercy Gilbert does great for a normal delivery and a normal recovery. However, after I got to the recovery room I began bleeding a lot! The nurse was griping at me about my nurse that discharged me to her care. She took forever to come back with help. She threatened me and told me afterwards that I would have to get up and pee or she would put a cathader back in. So I got up to pee and fainted. It took a lot to wake me up. Then the nurse said thats what I was afraid of! Then why did you make me walk if you thought I would pass out!?!? Every shift change when a nurse came I felt as though she expected me to be up moving around. I was told not to and I had to get someone to bring me a bedpan every time I needed to pee. The doctors that took over for Janice were the only ones kind and understanding. At my post partum appointment Janice told me that I should just keep taking my iron supplements because woman after normal deliveries take 2 years to recover their blood loss so who knows with me- even though the Drs told me I would need one to check where I was at. Needless to say I will never return to her or the midwives at that practice because my luck she will be on call when I deliver!

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