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Clomid Questions- Please help!

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So I've decided I'm going to take Clomid.  I am really concerned about getting twins (would prefer a singleton).  I'm going to take 50 mgs and I'm planning on taking it days 3-7.  I have a few questions:


Do you think taking it different days would lower my chance of twins? I looked through a bunch of fertility friend charts of women who took Clomid and it seemed like it resulted in the most pregnancies when taken on days 3-7.


I read somewhere that when you take it days 3-7 you have more number of smaller follicles, and if you take it on days 5-9 then you have a smaller number of larger follicles. 


Also, do you know if there are more boys or girls born from Clomid? I did some googling but couldn't really find anything.

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I  used clomid 150 mg days 3-7 and now have a beautiful baby girl. I was given 50mg to start but that didnt work. It took me 4 cycles to fall pregnant.

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I took 100 mg days 2-6 and had a singleton after two cycles. The next time around it didn't work at all.

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Proud Mama- Thanks for your input! I appreciate it :)

lesliesara63- Sorry to hear that :( I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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Took clomid for 2 cycles and it didn't work (it really lightened my period too making me think it thinned my lining, plus I noticed less CM than normal).  My progesterone day 8po came back at 67...so my OB thought I ovulated more than 1 egg.  (basically I was an unexplained infertility case as dh's SA was basically normal - on the low end of normal).


I had a consult with an RE who recommended switching to Letrozole (Femera).  She said the twins risk is 4% (which is far less than clomid 10%) and the the side effects are fewer and it is eliminated from your body faster.  However, given that it's newer and there was a scare a few years ago about birth defects (which has since been disproven), many OB's are hesitant to prescribe it.  If you are really concerned about twins, maybe Letrozole is an option for you?  It's not that expensive either.  Ironically, I was on a "break" and preparing to start Letrozole next cycle...and lo and behold a BFP!  My progesterone was high on this so called natural cycle also.   


Good luck!

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