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daycare recs Houston?

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Hi-- Anyone have daycare recommendations or anti-recommendations centers in Houston?

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DS is at the Becker School, which he likes. They are NAEYC accredited. They do push academics a little on the early side (working a lot with the alphabet in the 3's class), which is fine with us but may not be your cup of tea. The teachers and director are warm and responsive to parents' and children's needs. They are a Jewish school (located in a Reform synagogue) so they are closed on Jewish holidays.


I have also substitute taught at Post Oak Montessori School, which is in Bellaire but inside the loop. It is a very good school, and goes through middle school (and is adding a high school too), but the pickup and dropoff lines are a bit of a nightmare. But, since you are talking about daycare, the pickup and dropoff are not so bad for the "pre-care" and "after-care" times. They seem to be closed on a fair number of Fridays for some reason.


Once on a day when DS's school was closed, we took him to a drop-in place on Sunset called "It's Playtime." They now seem to have added full-time daycare as well as drop-in care. He liked it a lot. That's all I know about it though.

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Esperanza Day Care is really popular. They just moved into and renovated an old HISD elementary school (near Shepherd and Washington). They are a little on the pricier side, but still reasonable. Lots of people love their program and with the new school they should have more openings.


I really recommend Messiah Lutheran Day Care in the Rice Military neighborhood.  We sent our little guy there for their infant program until I decided to stay home with him. They are great. They are low key, rather small, and super nice. They are also very affordable. However, they do have a waiting list, but I'm not sure how long for 2 yr olds. They are located on the corner of Roy and Rose.


Hope this helps!


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