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2 YO always, always, always playing with his penis - help

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I'm not sure where else to ask...none of my kin are intact and my in-laws gave us the hardest time after our son was born about 'why we should circumcise' that I don't want to venture there to ask even though my MIL owns a daycare and has seen it all.


My DS (2) is always feeling his penis. I mean, always. He is mainly in underwear during the day and diapers at night. He will find a way to get his hand in the diaper and then it gets stuck half out of it. He's wet the bed (and ours when cosleeping) because of the penis being out of the diaper. I do not want him to feel that he can't touch himself when he wants to...but, should there be a limit to this?  Is he doing this because it is irritated? I've asked him and he has not said it hurts, so I'm assuming he is ok. I'm sure it's in a range of 'normal', but I am not sure how to approach 'no penis play at the dinner table' kinda situations.


Any experiences/ resources would be much appreciated.

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It has nothing to do with him not being circed, and everything to do with him being a boy. He's old enough that you can start explaining that it's something he can do, but in private, not at the dinner table. 

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If I were you I would do my best to say nothing to him about it. It will pass. As far as the dinner table I would just remind him that it's dinner time and to stay focused on that.
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I agree w pp. We use the approach of, it's yours, and you may play as much as you like, but in an appropriate setting/in private. However, at 2, good luck w that!! wink1.gif our first two are older than that, and they seem okay with those limits, though we are not strict about it at all.

Totally, completely normal...and who can blame him? Best toy ever!! always with you, always awesome, never gets old. Ha!

I say ignore as much as possible. The bedwetting issue is undoubtedly annoying, but will pass. Could you put him in zipped jammies wrong side out, or a sleep sack on backwards to keep his diaper in place in bed? We used those as ways to prevent climbing out of the crib, but it seems they would also wprk for diaper management...
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5 boys... and yes, yes, yes to PP!! ;)

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I have two sons - one is a big penis toucher and the other one not so much...just wanted to give a point of reference in case anyone gives you grief (not on this thread but IRL) about it - kids are different.

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4 boys here... all of mine liked to touch their penis.   Some more than others.  The bigger deal you make of it the more they do it.  After about 3 or so I would gently request that if they wanted to play with their penis they should go to their bedroom or the bathroom because it was a private thing to do.  It wasnt wrong ( because Hey it feels good) but it was private.   At 2 well.... I have a naked toddler sitting next to me right now playing lets see how far I can stretch the foreskin ....

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My intact son went through a phase where he played with it a lot and then moved on to other things. My daughters were way more into self exploration than my son ever was. I would remind them that it's something we do in private while alone, not in the middle of dinner or in front of relatives. It really is normal and nothing to worry about.

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It is a boy thing not a foreskin thing. My ds often goes to sleep with both hands holding his penis and umm well so does my circed dh. If ds does it when we are out I redirect him to get him to stop. If we are home I ignore it.
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