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seeking HOLISTIC COMMUNITY to raise family

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We are seeking a community to establish roots in and to raise a socially aware, nature oriented, holistic family.  We currently live in MA along the rte 95 belt, near Blue Hills Reservation but would like to find a more connected community of like-minded individuals.  I used to live in VT, before I was married and enjoyed the natural living concepts, CSA’s, community activities, etc.  I love skiing, although VT is a little on the cold side for me now and the winters are a bit too long, i’m sad to say.

We now live in MA for job reasons, although could move for the right setting. 

1. MA areas we would consider are: Princeton – near wachusett Mt. or surrounding areas or the Stow area (love lake boon).

2. We would also consider parts of VA (my inlaws live in Charlottesville), although we like Williamstown area

3. We would also consider parts NC but not sure where?  We love the ocean and lake settings.  Like Ashville.

4. Also like Salt Lake City UT...


Most importantly, we are seeking a family friendly town/community with:

1.     actitvities for families

2.     midwives/chiropractic care/naturopathic docs/homeopathic/holistic health oriented/family pract non-vax friendly.

3.     Birth network/breast feeding friendly beyond 1 year, baby wearing friendly, co-sleeping friendly

4.     Options for organic, CSA

5.     Non-traditional schooling options with outdoor/nature/exercise focus – likely private setting (NOT homeschooling, just to clarify)

6.     Community values mutal respect, social responsibility and collaborative approach to community projects

7.     Offers natural food options, farm stands, etc.



I am new to the mothering website, in fact, this is my first post, please advise if I posted this in the wrong content area. 


Do you think I should also post in other states mentioned above?

Thanks for your help!!

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welcome!  you pretty much sound like my little fam.  we have been looking for similar things and still haven't found the right place.  being near the ocean is super important to us and we would love to find a community that could support our needs as a family.  i just wanted to say good luck and if you come up with anything, let us all know.  it is fun to see what is out there.

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Sure, thing!  I'm always keeping my eyes and ears open to finding this oasis :)

good luck in your search as well!  I definitely will post my ideas as I learn about new places.

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There is an Eco-Village in Berlin, MA that has two co-housing developments. Lots of farms nearby for food, CSA two towns away. Small town, only 2-3,000 people.



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I know for those of us on the South Shore, MA  there are many of us trying to improve and create a more holistic community and there are already online and in person(?)/meetings/gathering supports, although maybe just getting started,  for example:


South Shore AP yahoo group



Holistic Moms Network (meeting in Plymouth and Norwell)





I'd love to do a booth like I've done for the Natural Child Collaborative at the Plymouth Farmers Market (and Plymouth Family Network Fair, etc.) more often and around the towns because I keep on meeting people that seem to want the same type of community.


There are several MeetUp and probably even other Facebook and other groups now, too- including a South Shore Homebirth Group and a Cloth Diaper group, and others... it is just feeling a bit like with all this technology we are still a little splintered and it is really hard to connect up and then actually sustain that (trying though).



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We love stow and pretty much spend our summers at Lake Boon.   I think the area has the 7 points you hit on, and maybe I'm spoiled by my area, but can't you find those things pretty much anywhere?

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