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this IS funny.. someone upthread said they hate happy heinies, but they're our absolute favorites!

i wouldn't spend money on BG's again, ours have completely worn out, and they were the most expensive of the bunch.  everything else has held up but those.

someone else said they'd never buy applecheeks.  we have one.. it's not that bad.. unless it's a poopy one!  you have to actually touch the poop to get the insert out b/c the pocket is in the middle of the diaper! 

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They make great Dishcloths!


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Originally Posted by natural momma86 View Post

gDiapers!  The Velcro stopped working after only one or two washes. 

This is so weird because after about a year for us, the velcro is still so strong it's actually a little hard for me to open.  We love our gdiaper covers, they are the easiest and best fitting we have. We use GMD prefolds or flats in them.  We've never had a leak with them. 


It must be a difference in how they are washed?


The one diaper I would never buy again is the Under the Nile fitted diapers.  http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/underthenile.htm


It fell apart after only a couple uses. The seams came undone, the velcro curled back, and the cotton felt really hard and scratchy.  I was so disappointed that a $15 diaper would be so bad, when the $1 flats are great.

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ANYTHING with aplix (velcro, for newbies reading this).  I ONLY buy diapers with snaps now after dealing with some quick deterioration of aplix on Thirsties duo wraps.

Thirsties hemp prefolds--when wet they feel, look and become like a bunched up soaked t-shirt.

Thirsties duo wraps with snaps--the sizing snaps don't stay snapped!

FuzziBunz OS--I can never get them to fit right and they always leave red marks on my baby's skin.  Also, despite never machine drying my covers they have delaminated on the inside.

I've also had issues with the gDiapers snap-in stretching out (again, I don't machine dry my covers). 


I know BumGenius has a bad rap for its aplix, but I purchased six BG 4.0 with SNAPS and they are WONDERFUL!  My husband and I LOVE them and use them as our main diaper. Never have had a leak, always fit perfectly, and stuff easily. 


Great thread!



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I also dislike my BG3.0s because I don't feel they have held up well.


The Under the Nile fitteds I have are great.  They were used when I got them, and still look brand new.  Very absorbant, trim, and I love the fit.

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