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hoping for any and all tips/advice on nap help:


DS is 6 m/o and will *NOT* nap for the life of him.  he's exhausted, worn out beyond belief, but he refuses to nap and we dont know why.  as far as bedtime goes, we have a routine and he STTN like a champ.  however, daytime is another issue.  have tried rocking, feeding, swinging, swaddling, and nothing makes our LO wanna sleep :(  i dont even care if it's a cat-nap, just something to get him some much needed rest and energy to make it thru the day.  as mentioned above, he's EXHAUSTED (fussy, crying, rubbing eyes) when we attempt naps, but it's like something clicks inside and he wont let himself fall asleep.


ok, any stories, advice, tips, etc will be soooooooooooooooo appreciated!  thank you!!

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Have you tried wearing your LO in a wrap? That usually worked for us if our daughter was struggling to sleep. She also only sleeps with a full belly, regardless of whether she goes to sleep nursing or in our arms after nursing.

The other thing that helped us was bouncing her on my exercise ball. She prefers that to rocking.
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