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your grow light solutions.

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In a couple of weeks I'll be starting some seeds and I'm looking into (cheap) grow light solutions. If I understood what I read online correctly, you can use regular old florescent as lights as grow lights as long as you keep them within 4" of the plants? This would work out best for us because we have some extra florescent bulbs and holders that would be quite easy to rig up.

What have you guys done and how has it worked out?

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Yep, that's exactly what I do.  This year I'm doing winter sowing, but have done all sorts of light set-ups.  I will be able to grow some things in a greenhouse my landlord is building too.

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I use regular florescent bulbs with no problem.  Good luck!

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I have a grow light station set up in the basement. It's 3 normal fluorescent lights with trays under them. The trays can all be pulled out and removed. The lights are hanging on chains so that I can raise or lower the lights as I need. The chains go up and over some dowel rods which are attached to chains which run the height of the rack system. The dowel rods connect to the runner chains by nails on the end which go through links in the chain. We did it this way so that I can move the lights wherever I want them. It sounds a lot more confusing than it really is. The sad part is that I find I still need more space to start my seeds.

You can see the top try was pulled out and is standing on end between the rack and a cabinet to the right. I had some citrus trees in there a couple of months ago and was using the middle tray and the top light. That's why the top section looks all wonky. I'll straighten everything up when I need to get my seeds started.

A close up of the way the lights are hanging.



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meee too!


nak, sorry.


I rigged mine up on chains with screw hooks to a wooden shelving unit.  I can adjust it as the seedlings grow, raising it up until they're ready to go outside.

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Nice grow light system GardenStream.  I need to have dh build something like that for me.  :)

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Just in case anyone is interested, we used the plans out of Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening and Landscaping Techniques.
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Nice set up, Gardenstream! I'm glad to hear this will work out and I can't wait to try it :)

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