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Twin weights and turning after 32 weeks...

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Just went in for my 32 week Peri appointment. (32 weeks tomorrow). Baby A is 4lbs 10oz and Baby B is 4lbs 9 oz - 88th and 84th percentile respectively. (And yes, I passed the GD test with flying colors several weeks ago!) The problem is, both babies are transverse and have been transverse the ENTIRE pregnancy. Seriously, it's like they have no idea they can change positions :/ The peri was not very positive sounding about them turning, because they're so big already- he said it gets less and less likely. So my question to you mamas is has anyone had twins turn when they were this big already?? After all my natural birth prep and talking my docs into all kinds of things, now I'm worried I'm just gonna end up with the big C anyway. Any good stories?



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What great weights!!!


Have you been trying anything to get them to flip?  Chiropractic?  Spinning Babies?  Moxibustion?  Getting in the pool and flipping?


My doc will deliver vaginally provided Baby A is head down.  A has gone from transverse, to vertex, to breech, since Christmastime.

My baby B has been transverse for as long as I've known about him!

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Originally Posted by burleson View Post

What great weights!!!


Have you been trying anything to get them to flip?  Chiropractic?  Spinning Babies?  Moxibustion?  Getting in the pool and flipping?


My doc will deliver vaginally provided Baby A is head down.  A has gone from transverse, to vertex, to breech, since Christmastime.

My baby B has been transverse for as long as I've known about him!

IThanks mama! 


I wish mine would figure out they could move! The only "big" move either of them has ever made was Baby B switched from transverse head to the left, to transverse head to the right, and now he's back in the same position again lol- I've been seeing a Chiro 3 days a week, for the last month and a half or so. Starting this week I cut it down to once a week, because my insurance doesn't cover it anymore :( The only spinning babies technique I've tried so far is the knees on the couch, forearms on the floor one, but I did it twice and I could not BREATHE. It's just too much weight on my lungs? Are there are other positions I can try without needing equipment? I am thinking about the pool thing- a lot of people have suggested it. I think my YMCA might do a free 2 week trial, and maybe that's all they need to flip... When are you due?

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My twins were nearly the same weight as yours at my 34wk US.  The night before the US I could tell they were still head down.  I woke up that morning and my belly just felt weird and bigger in the wrong places.  I knew they had turned some time during the night.  Sure enough at my US they were both frank breech and by the time the US was over baby a was transverse across the bottom of my stomach.  I laid on an inversion table the next day for about 5 min just before I went to bed.  The next morning they were back to vertex and were both born head first at exactly 36 weeks.

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ive got two persistent breech twins at 36wks and ive just given up trying to turn them. now i havent done anything really all that aggressive/regular so  i guess im not THAT worried about it...but i would try the pool, ive heard good things. i have a post somewhere back a week or so about late term flippers...and there were some positive replies. i keep thinking if baby a is going to turn, she'll do it in or just before labor. my birth team is on board w/ a breech delivery so a lot of the pressure is off now.


good luck!

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My A turned head down fairly early on, but B was breech/transverse up until a day or so before my 33 week U/S.  At that U/S they measured 5lbs 7oz and 5lbs 3oz.  Now, with both being transverse, it might be more complicated for them to find room, but I don't think the weight factor is necessarily a huge problem.  


I would try to spend as much time as possible on hands and knees, or kneeling and leaning over a birth ball.  Letting your belly hang (but not arching your back!) should help them find as much room as possible to move, and keep them out of your lungs in the process.  I can totally relate to the breathing difficulties!  Oh, and put a pillow under your knees for comfort.  

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I went in for my an appointment at 37w5d and both babies had moved since the previous appointment a week earlier.  My midwife gave me a sheet on spinning babies exercises.  I started them that afternoon and between the time of the appointment in the morning and when I went into labor 7 hours later, baby A had moved from complete breech (cross legged over the opening) to transverse.  I'm convinced if I had a bit more time I could have gotten her all the way to vertex.  So, it's never too late.  My babies were 6lb 5oz (A) and 6lb 11oz (B) and both were still moving around a lot right up until delivery.  Good luck!

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My boys were also both transverse from beginning to end. R stuck his tushie across my cervix and decided it was really comfy over there and D crawled up under my ribs facing his brother and hung out there the whole time. I tried everything from Moxy to chiropracters and nothing worked. In the end I had a c-section at 37 weeks because R was in distress. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I didn't have anyone at home to worry about. Oh, I just remembered, R was head down for about five days before he flipped back to transverse around 32 weeks.

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Oh yeah they can move after 32 weeks!  My Baby B flipped breech during an ultrasound.  Then Baby A flipped breech at 37 weeks.  I didn't feel it either time.  We tried everything to get A to move, but it just didn't happen for us.  I do think NOW IS THE TIME to really encourage them to turn, especially considering their growth is so good!

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At 39w6d my twins were born at home weighing A)  7lbs 12 oz and  B)   7lbs 4oz. 


That said.. at 39w4d... I had a NST... B was flipping back and forth from breech to head down.   He would flip around about once a day.   Both were born head first. 


That said... I would go onto spinningbabies and look there.. there is some info for twins.  A chiro as well as inversions can help.   Your babies have lots of room still to move.   And ultimately if they don't that's not the end of the world either, you want big healthy babies and it most certainly sounds like you got em!

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I think anything is possible. I think they will come how they come. A was head down for the duration for me, and B was flipping up until about 30 weeks and remained breech after that. I tried everything to get her to flip but nothing happened, dr said he could flip her at birth but when I was in labor and they did an u/s he found out she was over 8 pounds and he said it was a 50-50 chance that he would have to deliver her c section,but he would try vaginally. I decided to go with the c cos i didnt want to risk healing from both areas. The c is not bad at all. I was terrified too. Of course, I died 6 days later,but that wasnt from the c section. I do not regret the c section ONE bit. If you have to have one, its really not bad at all.The healing isnt either.

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my fiance just went in today for her 32 week check up for our twins baby A weighs 5 pounds and 4 ounces and baby B weighs 4 pounds 12 ounces.....when do you all think they we will be taken in for their c section? the doctor has planned at 38 weeks

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hi Jlmartin, welcome to mothering.com!!!


i invite you to introduce yourself and your fiancé on the main twins thread, you will get more hello's over there. congrats of the twins, mine are about to tun 2 and i love being a twin parent!!


as for the c section, a lot of us here strongly feel that c sections should only be done if there is a medical need for it, is there some reason that the mom is choosing this? i lot of folks have been misled by doctors that it is the only thing you can do for twins or that there is no downsides. its a big choice. If you would like more info, im sure we would be happy to give you some good points and reading.


as for timing, the later, the better, usually the healthier, there should be no real rush to birth babies as long as their is not a particular medical need for it (it just being twins is not a good reason)



most of all welcome, i hope you take some time to look over a lot of the threads that have been in the twins section or other birth and parenting sec ion, there is a ton of great stuff to learn and share, cant wait to hear for about you!

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Woah, those are big babies for 32 weeks! 

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