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Due Date vs Real Date

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Do you think you are going before, on, or after your edd?

My official edd is 7/31 based on LMP. Based on conception 7/23. My predicted birth day is after 8/10.

I want to hang on to this so we can see how "right" we are.
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Well my Edd is 8/20/04 when you calculate it from my LMP which was on 11/16 (i think) when the dr did an u/s at 8 weeks ges. age the size of the baby said i should be due around 8/25 but the dr is sticking with my first date...
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My EDD is 8-3...
DS #1 was right on his EDD...
I feel this one will be too..don't know why just do.....
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I think I'll be late. Ds was two weeks past his due-date so I'm gonna go with late. I think it will make me feel better when my due-date comes and goes if I don't get hung up on Aug. 13 I even thought about telling everyone my due date was the 23. Last time friends and family called every day asking if we'd had the baby yet. I can't tell you how annoying that was. Like we'd neglected to tell them or something :
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Well, based on conception, Aug. 6th, according to the doc for LMP, Aug. 7. Honestly, I don't care. I'll probably have a scheduled section a little before my "due date".

I don't like getting hung up on dates as ds was due April 15th and born May 6th. Babies sometimes have their own time :LOL
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my midwife thinks i'll go around july 24, but when i first calculated it i figured august 4, and really that feels very likely to me.

also, i'd rather not start feeling "late" until after aug. 4, so i don't stress in the end of july. if i go earlier, great, but that waiting feeling... dd was 12 days after her edd, and it drove me cuckoo!

so that's why i'm listed as edd aug. 4, but i'm saying i'm 23 weeks. i just think this one's gonna make me wait a little.

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well, i have no clue when my LMP was, sometime in OCT/NOV i think (before shelby's bday 11/13 at least)...so we did an u/s to date the pg and got the edd of 8/21...i'm still unsure of that since we don't know for sure so i'm going to talk to my dr about what he'll do if i go to 42 wks and if he'll let me go further providing all is ok...i fully expect to deliver a sept baby - don't know why, just do...i've told "well-meaning" relatives (although annoying about pg/birth issues) that we're due in sept to avoid the calls for a few wks hopefully...i can't stand being bugged while i'm in those final weeks...as if *I* didn't want the baby out lol...
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Well my edd was 8/20 from lmp... first u/s meaurements said 8/25 , the second u/s said the edd was 8/28!! So i have to wait till i see the dr may 15 to see if my dd gets changed or not.
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My *official* EDD (via early u/s) is August 27th.
From LMP it's Aug 10th or so.

While I agree that my EDD is more accurate, I think I'll deliver somewhere between the 2.
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Sorry guys I wanted to bump this back up to see what's going on and what people put. Have we heard from Katje by the way?
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Based on last menstrual period, my due date is Aug 2 (40 weeks). The first OB gave me 3 different due dates (probably based on when he would go on vacation ). I'm thinking somewhere around the 6th - 10th.
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Based on LMP I should be due the 19th, based on first ultrasound dr said the 17th, based on second ultrasound dr said 25th and as of the third and LAST ultrasound they moved it back to the 17th!!!

So I'm thinking sometime between the 17th and 22cnd. Although pelvic pressure is gradually increasing, but I don't know if that means it might be sooner or thats just normal? We'll see.
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Well, I re-read my post. I'm going for a VBAC (yay!), so I have an extra 10 days or so beyond what I originally thought. DH is convinced I'm going to have the baby tommorow (I'll be 38w5d), but I think I may go over my due date.
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According to LMP my due date is August 4th but I know I am a late ovulator and know when I conceived which puts me at August 10th for EDD. My sister was one week early with her first and about 12 days early with her second. I don't know if that has any bearing or not. I feel I will probaby have this baby between the 8th and the 18th. (10 day span I know...)

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EDD is 7/30 (friday) I would have always said I would def. have had the baby by then, but now I don't think so. This is going to be a complete surprise to me!
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my due date according to LMP is aug 22, according to date of conception which I'm SURE of is aug 21............we'll see! I feel she's coming on aug 15, and have felt this way for months now.
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My EDD is Aug 27, based on ovulation (if I were to base on LMP, it would be something like Aug 10th I think).

I would put my money on around the 14th or 15th though - baby is already head down, firmly embedded in my pelvis, I'm very mucousy, and my son was born at 38w+1.
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well, my LMP is a mystery, but an early u/s done at 7wks gave me the edd of 8/21...i'm doubtful that i'll make that date, but we'll see! i've got no gut feeling of when i think he'll come though...
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Well, I was bf, absolutely NOT ttc, dh had just had a vasectomy when we found out, so we knew conception didn't occur after Nov 19, I think that was the date? The Friday before Thanksgiving. Cause there was no nookie after that.

Soooo, based on that and 3 early u/s (all were dramatically different in dating, as in 3 weeks different, and we're talking 6, 9, and 13 week u/s here, it was odd... baby measured 6 weeks and then 3 1/2 weeks later measured 7 weeks?? ) and the fact that we'd had sex maybe 3 times in the month before that..... we had NO idea.

We had several due dates from July 27 to August 25. We finally settled on August 6th

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My EDD is Aug 3rd based on conception...
I have no signs of any pending anything except the BH and come frequent BM's...I do not think this one will come until due date or maybe later since I keep measuring so small...I really have no clue at this point....
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