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My "official" due date is August 23, based on the fictitious LMP I gave my doctor so she wouldn't induce me too early. LOL. But, based on actual LMP, it should be August 17. My DD was due on September 17 and was delivered after a 36 hour failed induction on September 7. So, my bet is that I'll be having this babe on August 7, at least I hope so. I'd like a whole month in between their birthdays.

Edited to add: And, I just checked according to the two possible conception dates we have. August 12 and August 14 are also possibilities. I'm betting it will be August 7, though, because I've helped organize a huge fundraiser for that day and it would just figure that I wouldn't be able to be there.
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By calculation we got Aug 28; u/s put it Aug 25...BUT with what I've been feeling & baby dropped since Monday I'm not convinced I'll make it to the 13th which is my last planned day of work. DS1 was a week or so early.
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I can't wait to see how mommystincts vs. science pans out!
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Doc has me due Aug 12, I say Aug 13. LMP had me Aug 1 but I argued and showed my chart so it was moved to Aug 12 based on conception. I say Aug 13 because it is a Friday.
My doc is out of town the week I am due and I don't have time to go early so we are hoping to go late!
My others are 12,14,16,17 of the month they were born so this will be pretty close.
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