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almost 6 mo pp, tta, ebf, charting help? advice?

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My baby is 5.5 mo old, no period yet. At 3 mo pp I had 2 days of cm.  At 4 mo pp I took a test and it was negative.  I think I have had cm once more but really no other signs.  We are ebf but I thought charting would be helpful.  We don't dtd that often but Im not ready to divide my affections for DD. Or be pregnant again so soon.

Any advice?
I've started taking my temp and it's pretty much the same every day at 7am.  We're up every 3 hrs during  the night to nurse, but sometmes after 5am it's every hour or so but i'm groggy. She's up to play at 7am and DH takes her downstairs for an hour while i nap a little more. Then she takes a nap for an hour or two with me and we start the day around 10am.

So,I tend to take my temp at 7am.

I'm unfamiliar with cm other than the outwardly visible signs.

Can I chart? Am Iwasting my time?

I don't  want to go back to BC and am trusting ebf but i know after 6 months the % goes down.

Advice? Ideas?

I just ordered Sheila Kippley's book about child spacing and bf'ing.

I have the thermometer that reads across my forehead  into the main artery. I find when I go to the right it's one temp and to the left it's usually a degree different.  Not sure why...


Also, I'm a mess with writing things down and thought it would be convenient to chart on my smartphone since it's next to the  bed. I tried to do the tcoyf online calendar but it's a mess on the phone and ends up frustrating me. Maybe there's an app out there?


Thanks for any thoughts out there.

All the day to day moms I know think I"m crazy but I would like to think I can trust listen to and work with my body.

period yet. Can I chart?

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Before 12m it is unlikely that you would ovulate without a period first, but of course its possible. 


I am charting and BFing a 16m old, but I didn't start charting again until I knew my fertility was returning. I know some mamas get pg without ever really expecting to, but for me at least, there was no way to ignore the returning to fertility signs.  (which have been about a week of EWCM before O, very achy pelvic area and very sore nipples the week around O.)  However, my cycles (so far, I only got my first PP cycle at 14m) have been really wonky and not able to support a pg as my LP has been really short. 


I have been temping and I know some mamas temp after they've had there longest chunk of sleep (so even in the middle of the night as long as you've had 3-4 hours of sleep at once), but for me, my temps have been more stable when I temp at the same time every morning (or within about an hour time frame). I temp before I get out of bed though, which is also important. You will need a Basal Body Therm though. the one you describe isn't enough to track waking temps.  But you can get the BBT easily at a drugstore on off Amazon for pretty cheap.


TCOYF seems very slow even on my pc. I don't know anything about phone apps (although I am sure there are some), but fertility friend is much easier for me to use on my pc and may be for you too.


You are right to be cautious, it's so hard to predict when your fertility will return. Some people can get pg while still EBF and others have to wean entirely. . .and most of us are somewhere in the middle. 

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i think i'm  going to get a bmt thermometer just to be certain.

but i do'nt think i get 3 hr stretches lately so i don't know when to temp.

she tends to nurse around 3, 5, then sometimes it's every 30min or hour until 7am when she poops and starts the day...


i just bought sheila kippley's book so we'll see what she says.

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