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Hackettstown Midwives

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I'm considering using the Hackettstown Midwives for my next homebirth and I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about the financial side of things with them?  My understanding is that they're out of network for everyone and that they ask for $500 up front.  Does that sound right?  Are there any other up front costs with them?  Do you pay your portion of the cost (in my case 65%) in monthly installments or as a lump sum when your insurance is billed?  What is the total that they charge?  Thanks so much for any info!

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I didn't use them, but I'm right in the area (one town over in Budd Lake) and just had an awesome home birth with Jessica Lawlor, and her backup Dina who actually ended up being at the birth. Just writing in case you were researching other options too. I know how overwhelming researching can be!
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I used Jessica for my last birth and had a great experience, but our insurance wouldn't cover her at all and we just can't afford that price again so soon because we're in the middle of major renovations on our house.  CNMs are really my only choice for a homebirth this time around.  It's looking like Judy Hagen or the Hackettstown midwives for me.  Thanks though!

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I don't have info on the financial side, b/c I used them before they started their own practice, but I just wanted to say I loooooved them.  All three of them, for different reasons.  Good luck!

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I used the Hackettstown Midwives for my daughter's birth before they were in private practice though she was born at Hackettstown Hospital, not at home.  I loved them!  They are wonderful!

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I used Hackettstown Midwives and their billing system really does sound too good to be true. They bill everyone out-of-network and charge $500. The remainder of their fee is sent to your insurance company and they are satisfied with what they get from them. At least this is true for their prenatal care and your home birth. End up at a hospital with a c-section like I did (long story), and the hospital bills your insurance for your stay and doctors fees.


My son was born in early December and I have not seen an insurance statement for the Midwives' care., nor have I received a bill from them. At this point, I'm not expecting to see one.


They were awesome! I can't recommend them enough.


EDIT:  Just remembered... Any additional cost is for your birth kit and other supplies you want for birthing, which you purchase on your own with direction from them, but the $ doesn't go to them.

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Well I am going to hackettstown midwives right now, so I just wanted to fill in the info.


They charge $500 upfront as a deposit. What I understood is, they charge a total of $3000 as an out of network provider. The $500 is included in it. The rest of it will be charged after the birth as delivery charges. So it depends on how much is your out of network compensation and what is your deductible. Also if you go to the hospital, you ll have to pay hospital per day charge that your insurance will charge.

I think its the same with home delivery too. But I am not sure about that.


What they told me is that they get most of it out of the insurance company and what we pay will be very little.


But they have such good reviews, I just decided to spend a little if I have to. Will update in another 9-10 months when I get billed :D.

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