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One more poll- Foreskin 'non-issues'

Poll Results: How many issue-free intact boys and men are out there, & how many have had iatrogenic or natural issues (with varying prognoses & treatments)?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 94% (88)
    No issues whatsoever with intact children or self (ages in post please)
  • 4% (4)
    Minor issues easily resolved (please explain in post)- such as a family member or caregiver prematurely retracting with no lasting harm (please explain in post)
  • 0% (0)
    More serious problems (please explain in post)- such as premature retraction causing more lasting issues
  • 0% (0)
    Problems that a medical professional was consulted to resolve (please explain in post)
  • 1% (1)
    Problems that were 'resolved' by circumcision when unnecessary but through ignorance were handled with the most drastic surgical intervention
  • 0% (0)
    Problems that were resolved by circumcision that was necessary (cancer, gangrene, possible hypospadias repair)
93 Total Votes  
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There seems to be a lot of emphasis on foreskin problems here, & while I am so happy that this is a sane & accurate resource for those with rare medical problems, I just wanted to get a more accurate poll out there regarding the infrequency of problems. So please vote!

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8 1/2 & 10 & nary a prob!

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Voted no issues for my 20 month old. He is prone to diaper rash/yeast pretty bad and we have to stay on top of that, but that is neither caused by foreskin nor does it have any negative effect on it! I happen to think his foreskin protects the rash/yeast from getting on his penis.. YOUCH! That would be quite unpleasant. Especially since he sometimes has bleeding sores if we don't realize he's poopy and he sits in it too long :( Can you imagine that on exposed glans? So happy he's intact! 

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I have 10 year old and 5 year old boys - neither have had any problems. My dd, however, has had several UTIs, treated at home. (I know you didn't ask about daughters, but I think it's an important comparison to make. I bet if we had a poll on daughters and medical issues with their genitals, there would be a much higher percentage that had problems.)
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I agree, Eclipse, & almost added 'intact daughters' to the thread for political reasons (since MGM & FGM are analogous), but for purposes of accuracy (since most MDC members don't have circumcised daughters) just kept it to boys & men. 

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No problems ever! 8 week old nephew, 16 year old brother and 23 year old hubby!

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14 month old son and no problems!

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No problems with my almost 3 year old son! 

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Myself and my husband have had no problems.

My oldest had some swelling in his foreskin with diaper rash that resolved easily enough.

My daughter has had no issues

My second son has had no issues.

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3.5 and 1.  My 30yo husband has never had any problems. 

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no problems. 4  yr old son an 3 month old son

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Our 4 year old son is intact, and no problems thus far!

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My son is 12, intact, nonretractable, and has had absolutely no problems... I believe that 99.999% of the problems seen in intact boys is simply because the foreskin was not left alone.


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DF, 23, has never had any problems that we know of. our son who will be born in a few weeks has also had no problems winky.gif

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No issues with my almost 4 year old intact son, or my 6 month old intact son. (or my 31 year old intact boyfriend. or my 49 year old intact uncle. or my 62 year old intact uncle. or my 53 year old intact father. or my 2 year old intact nephew.)    :)

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No issues whatsoever for either of my boys. DS1 is almost 18. DS2 is only 5.5, but has been fully retractable for over a year.

FWIW, my intact brother is turning 48 soon. To the best of my knowledge (no guarantee he'd talk to me about it, of course), he's never had an issue, either.

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My intact son will be 2 next week and has never had a problem. His cousin is 6 and has never had any issues, either. I agree with Ash - most likely the cause of the vast majority of problems is someone other than the child messing with the foreskin! 

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Intact DS 14 mo.

Intact DH 28.


Neither of them has ever had a problem. My husband didnt even realize there COULD be problems until we had DS and other people brought it up.

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My son is almost 5 months old. No problems at all so far. I know that's a very short life to comment on, but with the way everyone tells me that ZOMG HE'S GONNA HAVE SO MANY INFECTIONS he should've had a dozen issues by now :) However -- not a single one. lol

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Callum is now 9 and Gavin is now 6 and neither of them have had any issues.  Important to note they are confused and horrified that someone cut off part of their Dads penis and absolutely are not bothered in the slightest that the don not "match"


Take care!

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