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One more poll- Foreskin 'non-issues' - Page 2

Poll Results: How many issue-free intact boys and men are out there, & how many have had iatrogenic or natural issues (with varying prognoses & treatments)?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 94% (88)
    No issues whatsoever with intact children or self (ages in post please)
  • 4% (4)
    Minor issues easily resolved (please explain in post)- such as a family member or caregiver prematurely retracting with no lasting harm (please explain in post)
  • 0% (0)
    More serious problems (please explain in post)- such as premature retraction causing more lasting issues
  • 0% (0)
    Problems that a medical professional was consulted to resolve (please explain in post)
  • 1% (1)
    Problems that were 'resolved' by circumcision when unnecessary but through ignorance were handled with the most drastic surgical intervention
  • 0% (0)
    Problems that were resolved by circumcision that was necessary (cancer, gangrene, possible hypospadias repair)
93 Total Votes  
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Son, 1 year old.  No problems whatsoever.

Husband, 30 years old.  No problems whatsoever.

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3 yr old ds - no issues.  1 yr old ds, no issues.  28 yr old dh - no issues.  All of them seem to quite appreciate their foreskins lol

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35 problem-free foreskins! Imagine that! :P

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we have never had a problem with our intact son's foreskin, he is 13 months

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One son. 19 months old. Only problem was that his doctor retracted him at 2 month appointment. It was red and swollen with small "cracked" lines on it, oozing some type of liquid, and hurt when he peed for a few days (he screamed when wetting a diaper). The doctor said it wasn't forced retraction because it didn't bleed.

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Intact DH and intact 3, 7 and 12yo sons. Never had any problems.

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ds is 4 with no problems

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Age 6, no problems whatsoever. 

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No problems with 15 month old son!

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8.5 y/o DS, no problems whatsoever.

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DS 21 months, so far so good! We've had two docs, and neither has tried to retract at all. MIL may have tried to retract during a bath at her house once, but didn't actually retract or do any damage, and when she admitted later that she was unsure of "how to clean", we just educated her on not needing to do anything special with it.

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10 months, no problems
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Almost 8yr old DS and 37yr old DH - no problems.

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No issues in 11 months. And a shout-out for DH for making the mental adjustment to having an intact son. It's wasn't his first choice, but he really came around.

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Ash is absolutely correct - the problems are doctor induced.  When DS was born in '81, there was no internet and not much information in print, but I was adamant that he remain intact. Our doctor told us to gently retract at each bath. This we did (how could we have known any different? all the baby books stated that a boy should be retractable by 3 or latest 5).  By age 1 his meatus was visible. By 5 he was about half way retractable with the synecchia still bonding his foreskin to the glans, and by 7 this had released back to about the coronal rim. We had him do it himself as soon as he was old enough and there was never any discomfort or reluctance on his part.  However, one night he got a couple of little slits in his foreskin that stung and made him cry. We asked the Dr (different one - from Ireland) about it and he said just leave it alone and don't retract any more.  All was well until age 11 when he went for a pee in the middle of the night and yelled for me. It was obviously painful and he was letting the pee out very slowly. The next day at the clinic he was diagnosed with posthitis - infection/inflamation of the foreskin. Antibiotics cleared it up in a day. Unfortunately the clinic doctor discovered that his foreskin was no longer retractable and was tight like a newborn's again and made an appointment with a urologist. I suspected that this would be bad and had 5 months to try and find information to counter what I (rightly)  suspected was comming. Sure enough the urologist was an arrogant basket and said that my son must be circumcised. He did not offer any other option whatsoever. I argued until he got up and left the room. I refused to go back, but sadly DW felt that the problem was real and eventualy took him in for a circumcision.  What really fries me was that since gaining internet access I have learned an awful lot, and even back then there had been papers published about the use of Betamethasone cream, and I think, even preputioplasty. Why was the urologist ignorant of less invasive options, if indeed anything needed to be done at all.  In retrospect , I believe we should have just left DS alone.

The guilt has not diminished.

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He's 5.5 yrs and no issues! Best decision I ever made in my life.
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Each boy, 11 and 15 years, have had a couple minor irritations when they were little, I probably shouldn't even have counted it as a problem.  They were cleared up with a couple soaks in the tub.


Both dd's, 9 and 13 also had a couple genital irritations that cleared up after a soak in the tub.

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Ds ia almost 3. No issues thus far and hoping there will be none!

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Husband 66 years old, never had a problem.

Ex-husband 50 years old, never had a problem.

Sons 23 & 25 years old, never had a problem.

Grandsons 10 months, 3 years, and 9 years old, never had a problem.


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I have a 32 year old husband, 3 1/2 year old son, a 4 year old nephew, and a 1 month old nephew. There have been no issues with foreskin in our family.
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