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One more poll- Foreskin 'non-issues' - Page 3

Poll Results: How many issue-free intact boys and men are out there, & how many have had iatrogenic or natural issues (with varying prognoses & treatments)?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 94% (88)
    No issues whatsoever with intact children or self (ages in post please)
  • 4% (4)
    Minor issues easily resolved (please explain in post)- such as a family member or caregiver prematurely retracting with no lasting harm (please explain in post)
  • 0% (0)
    More serious problems (please explain in post)- such as premature retraction causing more lasting issues
  • 0% (0)
    Problems that a medical professional was consulted to resolve (please explain in post)
  • 1% (1)
    Problems that were 'resolved' by circumcision when unnecessary but through ignorance were handled with the most drastic surgical intervention
  • 0% (0)
    Problems that were resolved by circumcision that was necessary (cancer, gangrene, possible hypospadias repair)
93 Total Votes  
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I have three boys (ages 9years, 5years, and 11months), all intact. joy.gif. The only time in 9 years that we've ever had a foreskin issue was when my eldest boy--about 15 months at the time--used the potty and slammed the toilet seat down on his penis! Yeowch!! Of course he cried and screamed.....and it bled. Seemed like it bled a lot, but as with head injuries (lol, no pun intended!), the bleeding was superficial. The area is so rich with blood vessels that it shouldn't have surprised me!

Anyway, a couple hours (and lots a mommy milk) later, and he was fine! :-). I'm so glad the foreskin was there, doing it's job of protecting the glans!
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5 and 3 yr old boys, no issues at all!  None of my nephews either!

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5.5 and 3.5 no problems at all. 


i think it's really important to remember that males have evolved with foreskins.  it is a normal and essential part of the male genital anatomy.  it is there for many reasons.  most men worldwide have their foreskins and no problems whatsoever.  yes, occasionally, infections do occur, just as they occasionally occur in girls/women.  how many of you mamas have had a urinary tract infection and how was it treated?  the real problem is the US doctors that really have no clue as to how the foreskin functions and how valuable it is and how to treat any minor issues.  the male prepuce has literally been written out of medical textbooks in the last 75 years!  the only thing they know about foreskins is how to cut it off.


so there was this one time where ds was playing outside naked and got poked in the penis by a nasty weed.  his foreskin swelled/ballooned up, it looked awful!  called the doc, he asked if ds could pee normally, he could, so all was fine.  doc said the foreskin protected the glans in this case, if ds did not have his foreskin, the glans would have swollen up and that could have been bad.  yay evolution!

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son 9months -no problems whatsoever.

husband 30years no problems whatsoever either.

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According to doctorsopposingcircumcision.org circumcision is more harmful and has no benefits. Increases the rate of UTIS, STIS, HIV/AIDS with all its other risks.

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Never had any issues at all. I've got 5 boys, ages 9.5, 6.5, 4, 3 and 2 months. All intact.

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My boys are 2 and 4 and have never had a problem.  My 4yo tends to get patches of eczema on his penis and I'm so glad the foreskin is there to protect the glans from the breakouts.

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I have two of each, and by far, my intact boys(3 and 6) have been much easier to care for than my circumcised boys(9 and 11).  We had my oldest done because it "was something that had to be done".  I was not prepared in any way for the raw, painful way my son looked for months.  I did not want to have my second son circ'd, but I was still completely uneducated about it, and did it anyway, against my gut.  He had adhesions, he also had a yeast infection that was so bad the glans was vbleeding.  I look back on that now and think how mych less painful that might haqve been if it was only on his foreskin.


My third son I started researching for ANYTHING that would keep me from having to do it again, and I am so glad I did.  I have never had a single problem with either one of them.  Even our VERY pro-circ ped doesn't retract.  Plus, my stomach doesn't turn with how painful and raw it looks with every diaper change.  You know, if even ONE hospital employee had given me ANY reason not to do it, I wouldn't have.  But it didn't seem to make any difference one way or the other.  It was "no big deal".  I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life.  My poor baby boys.  :(

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No problems for DH (28) or my brothers (24 and 19) :)

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No kidding, amirite? Who wants to match anybody by having part of their genitals sliced off! Yay for the truth!

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4 intact sons who have never, ever had any problems! Their ages are 9, 7, 6, and 4 months. My 2 oldest sons and youngest son will be in DC with me next month for the Genital Integrity Rally! Saving babies one penis at a time! thumb.gif

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9 year old intact son. Never an issue. Most 'problems' in regards to foreskin are caused by forced retraction by a parent, caregiver or nurse/doctor. Only wash what is seen. Never retract the foreskin. Only the boy should do this, naturally, as he is able to. Many doctors will misdiagnose phimosis in children and either attempt to forcibly retract the foreskin causing damage to the glans and inner prepuce. Or worse, they will suggest circumcision. Phimosis cannot be diagnosed until adulthood. Even then, non surgical measures can take care of the issue. 

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1 year old and no issues

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6.5 years old with no issues whatsoever.

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Four intact boys, 6.5, 5, 1 & 1 -- no issues, ever. Period. Perfect design, self-cleaning thumb.gif

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4 month old, no problems.
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