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Originally Posted by Hannahkatiebell View Post

Steph: where you in ky? I'm in Louisville.

Lexington. Not too far smile.gif


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Well, dh got home from work and totally admitted he was in the wrong. Apparently he talked to one of our friends (and a co-worker) who has 7 kids. He's been told from the "man side" that he was totally in the wrong and he needs to work on his compromising skills. LOL! I told him that's good to hear him say, and that we are still putting the name issue behind us for awhile. Maybe later we'll talk about it again. Or else we'll be having a serious discussion come October. LOL!


As for whether we are finding out the gender.... I don't want to, he really does. I caved and agreed to finding out.

Ok, first, as your single parenting buddy, I had NO CLUE you were preggo!!!  CONGRATS!!!!


Second, if you don't want to know the gender, don't compromise on it.  I freaking LOVED being the one to find out what gender ds was - my ex wanted to find out, and I'm glad I didn't compromise on that.

LOL.... I know, I've tried to keep it out of the SP forum. I'm sure people will eventually notice winky.gif 


We've bounced around the idea of him finding out the gender and me not finding out. My only concern with that is he would HAVE to keep it a secret, and he's not good with keeping secrets. We'll see what happens.


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What has worked for us in the past has been to each make a list of names we like.  You add and delete on your own list until about 3 months before the baby is due.  Then cut your own list to about 12 girls and 12 boys names.  Now swop lists so you have his and he has yours, take off three names from each gender that you really don't like.  Do it again, and again (we wait a day or two in between).  Now there will be 3 boys names and 3 girls names left on each of the lists.    Take one more name off each gender.   Now, write down the 4 boys' name and the 4 girls names' (2 from each gender from each list) with the middle names that you have agreed on and your surname and tape those to the fridge/computer/whatever.   After a couple of weeks, we have always managed to agree on a name from those names, without any arguing.


I asked dh about this idea last night and he actually liked it. So for the next few months we'll have our own lists. Then, in awhile, we'll exchange and start knocking some off. Thanks for the idea!!

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I haven't read the other replies, so sorry if this has already been mentioned. An idea that I've heard that I thought sounded good was that each person makes a list of 10 or so names for each gender that they really like. Then the couple swaps lists. He decides how many he wants to veto, and you get to veto that same amount from his list. If he doesn't want that many off his list, he has to figure out which he'd be willing to compromise on. It needs to be fair. And yes, it's a bit rude to tell your spouse that you hate their name.

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