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Baby Carriers / Slings

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What is everyone's favorite baby carrier?  I'm particularly interested in buying one that both hubby and I can use and quickly and easily adjust to fit each of us.  Any suggestions?


I see some people love the more structured bjorn and ergo types...but what about the k'tan and mei tei's???  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Moving to babywearing since you'll get more answers

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I would definitely go with a buckle carrier, unless your DH is totally gung-ho about baby carriers.  I have a wide assortment and DH has used the moby once (he was desperate and she wouldn't sleep) and other than that he'll only go with my buckle carriers.  It's pretty cute to see DD hanging off the back of him with the Baby hawk Oh Snap.  I'm considering getting a Gemini for this next one.  

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Connecta baby carriers were so much more comfy for me than Beco/Ergo, etc.  We love BH, Freehand and Himmels for mei-tais:) 

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ergo was so uncomfortable and bulky for a newborn...she hated it....and without the infant insert she almost slid out the bottom once...oops. but i can see how dads like them. i preferred a stretchy wrap like the moby until she hit 12 pounds or so. after that i had a maya tie mei tei which i liked because it had the wide supportive straps of a wrap. plus, i wanted to be able to carry it around in a bag for when i needed it and you can't really do that with the ergo.


i like the suggestion of the babyhawk oh snap or the beco. maybe that could be the happy medium between an ergo and a regular mei tei. i don't know anything about them but the boba carriers are on sale on zulily today for $50.


for what it's worth although my dh said he loved the idea of babywearing (and "just wanted to tie her on like they do in africa") the only thing he really got behind (but still never got around to buying) was a backpack carrier.

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Hey Guys, thanks for the responses and recos.  I saw those Boba carries on sale today.  I was wondering if they were any good....Are the stretchy once complicated to put on.  I saw a demo and it was crazy, like put your hands behind your back, stretch this way, that way...etc...is it easy once you get used to it?

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