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my baby is against babywearing. help!

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My son turned 3 months old and from the time I learned I was pregnant I have wanted to wear him.  But unfortunately he doesnt agree.  At first he was too little for the sling I had and once he got big enough he screamed when I put him in it.  So I tried making a moby style wrap with some jersey fabric.  He hated that too.  He even isn't crazy about the bjorn carrier we have for my husband to use.  I want to carry him on me so bad.... is it beyond hope????

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Don't worry, most kids come around and eventually enjoy riding in the sling. smile.gif

If he doesn't like it now, don't force it. Just try again every few weeks to see if he changes his mind. Our little girl had some intestinal distress at that age, and the slings all put pressure on her tummy. Some babes also prefer facing out. Have you tried that yet?

I know it makes it tricky to get things done around the house, but things get easier for you soon! Congratulations on your wonderful baby! smile.gif
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Mine hated it too until I got the ergo. Then he loved it. I think maybe try some different things and also just give it time.
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my all didn't like it until they could hold their head up well and were put in a more vertical position. then they loved it

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An upright position tummy to tummy, is appropriate from birth for baby. Are you walking and talking while putting baby into the carrier? I try to remember to tellbaby going for a ride, and talk through the process to baby as well as moving while doing the adjusting.

What carry are you using for the ring sling?

Here is a step by step pdf file. http://www.sleepingbaby.net/wearing/index.php 

I like this video


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My son would protest the first few times and unless I was actively walking around and bouncing him he did not like it. So if I put him in it at home, I would have to walk around the house for a good 10 minutes to get him comfy before he would mellow out. Although he was generally happier if I would wear him out at stores because I'd be walking so much.


Are you carrying him upright tummy to tummy? My ds's wouldn't be happy being carried any other way in a carrier.

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