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when did you start....?

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I posted this question in birth & beyond but didn't hear a response... I figure all the mamas are on Life with a Babe, like me! So I just wondered when you started your period and was it regular?


I started when DD was 4 1/2 months old - it was totally normal, a little heavier than normal... but according to my 28 day cycle I'm over a week late! I don't know if a) it takes a while for periods to resume normally or b) I'm pregnant (feels like that's practically impossible what with condoms and EBF and the rarity with which we have sex)... All of last week I felt like I was going to start: cramps, weepy, uncomfortable. All of this week I've just been waiting, feeling super exhausted and nothing.



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Mine came back at 5 months PP (EBF, cosleeping, no pumping, etc.).  My cycles before were around 26 days and they've slowly gotten back to that (now I'm almost a year PP), but at first they were about 32 days apart.  It can take a little while for everything to work itself out!

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10 months PP here and nothing yet. HOWEVER, I have PCOS and irregular periods, so it's not surprising!

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Mine returned with DS was 5 mo and 5 days old - cosleeping, working/pumping 5 days a week.


Used to have clock work 28 day cycles.  I am currently on cycle day 42... I heard they can be irregular for a while once they start up again so I'm not too worried.  I kicked around the idea of a pregnancy test just to put my mind at ease but haven't been motivated enough to go buy one yet - like you, we use condoms and sex has been infrequent.

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Mine returned at four months PP too (also EBF, co-sleeping), but has not been regular. At one point I did break down and use a pregnancy test (I had one that was about to expire anyways)... it was negative. At a LLL meeting this discussion came up and the mamas agreed that it can take a long while before you have a regular cycle again.
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My little one's 8.5 months and I'm still waiting. She was EBF up until 6 months and is currently down to about 5 or 6 nursing sessions a day. I was just thinking today how long it's been since I had a period. I keep thinking it'll just suddenly come back at a really inopportune moment...

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Mine came back at 6 weeks!!! But is totally irregular.  Came back at 6 weeks for a week then again at 8 weeks PP for 3 days.  So who knows?  I'm also EBFing.

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Thanks mamas! I knew I could count on you...

Of course as soon as I post this I just might see glimpses of it comin'... figures.

Is it weird that a piece of me hoped fate had determined my next baby's comin' for me?

Ah well... I guess it's a 36 day cycle this time around. Glad to hear I'm not alone.

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I had a very simillar situation not long ago. Unforatunately I get my period back early, 2 months with ODD and 3 months this time. After I got my first period this time around I got another 28 days later (my cycle had been 32 ish days before). DH and I had a condom break and then period was almost 3 weeks "late", I thought I might be pregnant again but it was just my cycles getting sorted out again. (I had a negative blood test and then I got my period about 4 days later). I know how you feel, I was both relieved and disapointed to hear I wasn't pregnant.

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It's the disappointment that's weirding me out... baby care is so tiring and I know DH isn't ready but I kinda wanted it to be some miraculous conception! :) Glad you understand :)

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This is actually a fertility question, so I am going to bump you over there.
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Mine came back at 10weeks (I am still breastfeeding. But back then I was breastfeeding AND pumping..so I was really shocked!)


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With DS1, it came back 14.5 months pp. They weren't regular yet though. (Although, they were never really "regular" before... always had long, irregular cycles).

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Mine came back later with each child. With Daniel, my fourth, he was a little past two years. I'm breastfeeding twins now and am hoping it stays away until they are weaned. lol.gif
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