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What should I buy...sorry to ask AGAIN!

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I feel like there are a million "here is my situation, tell me what to buy" threads here, but I am still unsure, even after search upon search.


I have a 2 three-year olds. 33 and 35(ish) lbs. They are outgrowing their seats (both in convertibles right now) by height, and I need something new. Something FF harness for awhile, and coverts to HBB, and then backless booster (? maybe?). Backless booster is not necessary, as those are inexpensive and we can just buy one when we need it.


I have heard/seen Nautilus, Maestro...what about the Cosco HBB? I have a Scenera and love it. Is there something not so great about this? GAH! Help. Others?


Also, when is it appropriate to use HBB? One of then will be 4 in June, and his mama says we should just get a booster then. Thoughts?

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I believe the cosco one is not recomended because its outgrown quickly in height (the shoulder straps must be at or above their shoulders for forward facing). 


I would go with the nautilus or maestro depending on your budget.  


Here is info on when its ok to use a HBB - many kids this isnt until they are 5-6, MOST 4yr olds cant sit properly in a booster.  


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I'd go with the Maestro.  They are reasonably priced and have nice tall top slots.  

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So what about some other options for FF harness that converts to HBB (at the least)? Are there any? There are just SOOOOO many carseats out there, gah!!!! I saw an Evenflo...shoot...I cant remember what it was called! It was next to the Maestro, and seemed exactly the same except for not as fluffy and no cupholders. Started with a "c". We'll be shopping this weekend. ;)

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The Evenflo Chase compared to the Maestro has a shorter harness (16.75" vs 18"), lower harness capacity (40# vs 50#), and makes a not-good booster.  The Maestro really is worth the extra money over the Chase.


The Cosco HBB will be quickly outgrown by height in the harness -- I'd bet your 3yos have already outgrown the harness.  It positions the belt very poorly as a booster as well.


Most combination harness-to-booster seats make terrible boosters.  The only ones that do a decent job, IMO/IME, are the Maestro, the Nautilus, and the Frontier.  (The Apex65 is good for *very* large children, but does not fit average to slender children well.)

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