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Single Mothers Groups??

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I'm a doula here in RI and I am looking for some resources for one of my clients.


Does anyone know of any groups for Single Mothers?  In particular, I'm looking for a group of women under the age of 25.  I know there are lots of new moms groups out there, but while she has found comfort in these types of groups, most of the women have partners that are present.  I think she's hoping to find women who are in the trenches with her.


I would also love to have her mentor with a more mature mom that is going through single motherhood (by choice or not).  I think it would be very helpful to have this kind of support available to her if she would like it.


If there isn't anything currently available in this area (RI or S.E. MA), I'm contemplating starting a group if there is enough interest.


Thanks for the help!


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Too far for your client, I'm sure, but just as an FYI-

Cradle, Northampton MA- hosts a Single Parents Group.

I know the facilitator & definitely recommend it.

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Maybe try the local hospitals? I know Emerson hospital in Mass has a young mothers group, many are single, for mom's 27 and under.

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It's not in S.E. MA but also not too far from Providence. Mothers & Company- which is right outside of Worcester has a single mom's group:



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Thank you everyone! 


Sorry I didn't respond sooner, the new forum messed up all of my settings.  So, I somewhere wasn't subscribed to my own thread!  Oops!


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