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3yo scared of everything.

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My son will be turning 3 in just a few days joy.gif

We've been noticing him developing fears of absolutely everything. It's really bad a night...He co-sleeps with us (has since he was a baby) but he gets so afraid at night that he will shake until his little teeth start chattering. Our routine has been the same...we get ready for bed, read books together and talk about what we are going to do tomorrow and eventually fall asleep. But my son's anxiety and fear of nighttime has just become so bad. I feel terrible because we co-sleep, I don't understand why he's not feeling safe or protected. Last night he had his first ever night terror and he literally would not sleep unless he was on top of me (didn't want to lay on the mattress because he said there were snakes on it), it took him 2 hours to fall back asleep. Even after explaining to him that his imagination is growing, there is nothing that can hurt him because we are there, and that snakes only live in the zoo. Oh, he's also scared of the letter D...yes. The letter D. 


This too shall pass? I really don't know what I can do to keep him from being so scared and I feel kind of helpless in not being able to keep him feeling comfortable. :( 

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hug2.gif We are so there right now!  DD is two but it's the same with fears.  She's afraid of t-rex, dogs, water, fish that she saw at an aquarium over Christmas, tickles, and who knows what else.  We've been having so much nightmares at night it's not even funny! I'd say at the very least 2 every night.  She had night terrors too when she was younger but that was normally either when she was teething or hadn't gotten enough sleep.  I'm hoping someone has good advice! 


We've tried to cut back on TV to only shows that I know she's ok with (and even some of those she freaks out of the characters have any type of social/emotional conflict).  We've also had to look more closely at some of her favorite books because they seem to be distressing her too.  For instance, she has a book about dinosaurs that she LOVES but there's a rhyme in there about how T-rex would like to eat you so we definitely have to skip over that part!!! DD also has a lot of separation anxiety still and fears all the time that someone is going to "take" her from me.  greensad.gif

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