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February Weight Watchers

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Can't believe how late in the month it is and there's no Feb thread so I thought I'd get one started.


How's everyone doing? Any newcomers?

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I just popped in today to see about a Feb WW thread!  I am still maintaining my goal weight.  I have pretty much stopped tracking, but continue to make good choices (most of the time) and monitor my portions.  I have really started to enjoy running, and am now running 5 miles 3x a week.  Things are good.  I am so thankful to WW for helping me get back to this person I knew I was meant to be.  THIS is me.  

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Just got my first star online for losing 5 lbs.

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Hi there, I did weight watchers last year for 3 months, lost about 11 lbs...fell off the wagon and am now back where I started last year.  I thought that I could make a go of losing weight on my own but since starting early January have lost 3 lbs, ugh.  So, I went in to weight watchers today to get some info on the "new program".  I am still in the "thinking of joining" stage, need to talk over with dh, as it is another expense but I am really unhappy at this weight.  I am also unhappy about the fact that I do make healthy choices, exercise and can't lose anything. I need to lose 50lbs.  So...I want to join you guys....and maybe I will be back in a few days as a legit member.

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Welcome chkpea!

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thanks, going to join by end of week!

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  If I used these 2 sites...to figure out points, would I be good to go?

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I am not sure if this is the old points calculations or new. As long as you use either the old or the new program calculations but not a mix of the two you should be good to go.

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  If I used these 2 sites...to figure out points, would I be good to go?

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Chalex, those look like the old WW plan calculations.    I agree with Pacificbliss, make sure you don't mix the two plans together.  

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Thanks ladies.  I've been tracking my eating with the use of the points, I found on the one site, for the last few days..that's an eye opener!  LOL

I think it's interesting to see what I should eating, as in amount, and having a marker, with the points, to tell you to stop eating for the day.

Hope you are all doing well.

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Can I whine for a bit?  I was doing so good and then DD1 got sick again.  She's been sick, just a cold, but still, for 3-4 days every 10 days or so since Christmas.  Once she's sick we can't go to the gym b/c she's full of snot and I can't leave her at the childcare.  DH has been working insane hours so he's either at work, sleeping or using some of his very rare free moments to relax so he can't watch DD1 while I take DD2 to the gym.  I can't do exercise videos b/c DD1 wants to help and I just get mad b/c she's in my way and it ends up with everyone in a bad mood.  I'm so tired from watching a snot filled toddler and a baby that I use than hour they both nap to nap or clean.  Then I get upset that I haven't exercised that I overeat.  And it's bad.  I'm already 10 points over this week and I have 2 days left.  I just needed to get this out b/c poor DH has to be sick of me whining lol.

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I joined at the end of Jan, and did great my first week! I lost 5. something. Then I gained most of it back the next week. I've honestly not been to a meeting since then because of the weather. But I have one on Monday, so hopefully, even though I haven't been tracking much this week I've done better. I just have to decide to track and exercise and make sure I stick with it! I also got a new exercise series called TurboFire that has a 90 day plan with it, so I'm hoping that that will motivate me to get off my butt and move! I really do hate the way I look, but sometimes I think I don't hate it enough to change.

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Honey693, I'm sorry it's been so hard to fit in exercise.  A couple of ideas I had- can you put your dds in a double stroller and walk?  Could you "play" with dd2- not doing videos, but some play where you can work in exercise- tag, sprinting around the yard/house, throwing in jumping jacks and squats here and there?  Could you lift some weights with dd2- find something she can "lift" like a play phone or something?  That way you are able to take breaks and she won't get in the way.  I know what you mean about your kids interrupting you in the middle of a video- that is so frustrating.  I usually end up totally frazzled and irritated.  


Erin, that is a great loss for the first week.  What do you think happened that made you gain it back the second week? 


I was asked to speak in our meeting about my success story.  I'm not the best at public speaking, I tend to talk really fast when I am nervous.  But it felt so good to get up there in front of a huge group and share my story.  Everyone was so supportive and thanked me.  


My 5.25 mile race on Sunday was awesome.  I did it in 45 minutes, which was way faster than I imagined.  Then yesterday I got on the treadmill and was exhausted after 2.5 miles.  I quit, couldn't even make it to 3 miles.  WTF.  I don't know, I'm feeling really worn down these past few days.  I started two part time jobs, and that has been another dynamic I am not used too.  


I started tracking again, which feels good.  

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I know precisely what happened. My period started and I ate an entire 1 pound bag of chocolate covered peanuts! I am really trying to cut out sugar from my diet. I crave it and then it spirals out of control. For example... I lost my 12 year old weimaraner Weds. night to bloat. We avoided the situation yesterday by just not being home. Then last night, DH, the girls, myself and my parents went out to eat. Dinner was fine. It was the walking to the grocery store next store and buying a pint of Cherry Garcia that was not fine. I am an emotional eater. I hate that about me. I think I have it under control and then BAM! I get run over by an ice cream truck!

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So glad to find this thread. I have been doing weight watchers for the 2nd time since May 2010 when my baby boy was born. I did it the 1st time after another one of my babies was born. I have lost 70lbs since the end of May 2010.


We just moved to Texas so I wasn't tracking but have maintained within a pound or so.

I am back on track now and going to my first WW meeting next Thursday here in Tx.

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I weigh my self tomorrow. Of course, I can't ever wait the week and weigh myself all the time :).


Wow, Batia, way to go. 70lbs!


Mia'smamma I am sorry about your dog. That's rough. I am an emotional eater too so I hear ya. I don't think I could have been god after losing my doggie either. In terms of diet, just dust yourself off and move on. Feeling less heartbroken will take longer :(


mama_y_sol Awesome run! I am doing a couch 2 5K. Your 5 mile time is just a little longer than my current 5K time. LOL

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Hi everyone :)


I'm a long lost member (dd is an only and is 8 so I don't get on here much anymore).  I've just decided to start ww on my own (no time or money for meetings) and am excited!  I remembered seeing this group years ago so decided to pop back and join in.   I went out and bought a scale yesterday.  Yikes!  Before yesterday I probably would have told you I needed to lose around 20 pounds....it has now been revised to 50. 


Looking forward to getting to know all of you :)


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Welcome sharksmum!

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