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Kawaii covers-Too good to be true??

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I'm looking for diaper covers and my doula recommended Kawaii covers. She has a couple of friends who swear by them but has never used them herself. They look like decent covers and they are cheap cheap cheap!! I'm really excited about the price tag since its less than what I am finding used covers for but it seems too good to be true. An awesome product at such a good price??! Anyone ever use them?

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I can't wait to hear what others have to say about these covers. I just ordered 4 of them and will order more if they are worth it. My baby is due in June so I wont be able to try them out until July or so.

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I don't know about the covers (yet), but I just placed a huge order for every type of Kawaii diaper (pockets and AIOs) and a cover to try them out. I got 18 diapers for $115. You really can't beat that. I haven't got a shipping confirmation yet, but I will post as soon as I get them! 

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I'd like to see what other posters say too, I recently heard about this brand but have not tried them.
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We LOVE our Kawaiis! I have 8 covers and they are amazing. Super easy to use (we got the snap ones) I have just noticed a bit of repair needed on the stitching on one of them but that is pretty easy to fix and they held up for 12 months before that issue.


I cannot say enough about their Overnight diapers, we love them and they are the only diaper that doesn't leak at night and our son is completely dry in the morning because it keeps the moisture in.

I was afraid to try them too because of being so cheap but these are IMO the best diapers we have ever tried!

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Where did you buy your lot of diapers from? Have you tried them out yet? I've heard good things about kwaii covers but i've still got some time before my baby is born. thanks for your help

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