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what about when you can't babywear

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For this baby (5weeks) I didn't buy/keep my baby swing, bouncer, or anything like that because I wanted wear him all the time. But now for when I need to get things done that I can't wear him while I'm doing it, wear do I put him? He cries just laying on his blanket. So just wondering what you all use for times when you can't wear him (ex. when cooking, eating dinner.)


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So since there's no replies, I'm guessing everyone does use a swing or bouncer or something for these times?  I think I will just get a bouncer.

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I can't baby wear because of herniated thoracic discs, everything really pulls on my upper back too much...so maybe I can help


gliders and bouncy seats seem to be very helpful and my youngest actually really liked sitting in her bucket car seat and I rocked it gently with my foot while doing things around the house like dishes or folding laundry

bouncy seats are good because theyre light weight and really portable and if I can find it again I'll try to post up one that I saw that was very low tech and very upright with the point being to let baby look around the room rather than be entertained by plastic toys.


for outside a comfy lightweight stroller was key and again, she could be rocked/glided in that while I did yard work or just enjoyed being out on the deck

also my family is big enough that we all sort of took turns with her

and Im very proficient at a one armed cradle/football hold for things that don't require two hands.

another thing you might want to look into are baby hammocks..I'm uncomfortable personally with the idea for a sleeping baby/mom but think theyd probably be really great for getting things done while baby is awake and a lot of them come with stands.


shes my most affectionate child (we get a lot of comments about this in fact) if that helps any and is very well adjusted at almost 4

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We used a bouncy while I showered, cooked, etc. It worked great, and I always made sure that I talked to her and made lots of eye contact while she was in there. Now that she's too big for her bouncy, she sits in a soft padded high chair while I cook and I give her some wooden spoons or measuring cups or something to play with.

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I baby wear.  AND I have a swing, and two bouncy seats, and a jumperoo and a high chair.  Yeah.  *ducks tomatoes* I put my baby wherever he is happy. 

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My son has always hated laying down. I carried him a lot. So when he was young and I couldn't hold him, he went in the swing or bouncy seat. He never really liked his jumperoo either.

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I just wear the baby while cooking and eating dinner if she's sleepy or wants to be held.  But she will happily lay on the floor looking at her mirror if she's in the right mood.  She could care less about bouncing, swinging, etc... Just wants the mirror (she's 6wks old). 

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When ds was a bit younger we used the Boppy brand newborn lounger.  It was great, but we use the Bumbo more now. Also, oddly enough, he likes to sit in and sometimes ride around the house in his stroller.  It's great for when I want to get things done that babywearing gets in the way of.  He won't do it for long, but usually long enough for me to fold some laundry or something.

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I would wear baby in a back carry or shower with baby.

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I have no swing...someone gave me a bouncy seat -which i intended to return - but my excited older children opened it up and set it up...the baby hates it.  I do have a Jumperoo that i like...the baby likes it too!  In the first 2 - 3 months i did most housework with him in the sling or Ergo ...slowly.  I could do everything except cook (with heat) that way - but i could do prep work.  I am fortunate to have those aforementioned older children because they often hold/amuse the baby so i can finish up cooking!    Now that he is older, i use the frame backpack to do most housework...i can cook, vacuum, do laundry, do dishes.  I typically wear him in the ring sling to run errands outside - hes about 20 lbs so going up and down the stairs without some sort of wrap is HARD!   I still try to nurse him in bed and let him sleep there in order to take a shower -clean the bathroom, sweep or mop the floor - of course, sometimes i just dont get to do those things!

I am currently trying to decide if i want a high chair, a booster seat - or nothing.

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i used a bouncy seat when he was very little. he loved it, and i was bummed when he outgrew it. from there we used a jumparoo, but he would only tolerate it for very short periods of time. learning to do back carries was a life saver at that point. now that he is older and mobile and active, he usually hangs out in the kitchen with some toys while i work in there, but if he is getting into a lot of stuff or in need of snuggles, i put him on my back.

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