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Ok Barefoot mamas! Give me your knowledge!

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I know there are lots of barefoot mamas who run on MDC and I know or maybe I vaguely remember a thread about barefoot running?


Anyway DH and I starting up running in the mornings. We live adjacent to a fabulous bike trail and just purchased a jogging stroller to take DD in. I am hugely interested in running barefoot and would love to get DH into it as well although he is more hesitant about the idea of barefoot running.


I have read a bit about the Vibram 5 finger shoes and am very interested in those. We live in New England and running completely barefoot isn't really feasible except in the summer. Also, maybe this is wussy but I am afraid of the idea of just destroying my feet. I have a plantar's wart that is small on my big toe and it is very painful if I am walking barefoot and pull the skin very tight by accident (maybe that doesn't make sense).


So I am thinking of investing in the Vibram's but would love some opinions on the whole thing in general, going completely barefoot or not etc.

Thanks mamas.

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Hi! I have the vibram five fingers, I love them. However, I also would recommend a brand called inov8 that makes a very barefoot like experience in a shoe.

One question is, what shoes do you currently run in? You want to be very careful when transitioning to barefoot running from regular shoes. In most running shoes the differential between the front and back is 12mm (i'm talking height here....) and running barefoot will give you a 0mm differential. 12mm doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a lot as far as your Achilles tendon is concerned. Inov8 and some other shoe companies make shoes with a lower differential (9, 6, 3mm etc) so that you can ease into it.

Good luck and have fun!!
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How did it go? Which did you choose?


I have ordered a pair of Vibrams just for everyday wear. It is time for a new pair of shoes and I tried these on at our local outdoor outfitter and they were magical! I love the fit and feel of them. I had to order a pair in black (so they would match everything). Now I am waiting!

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Hehe, sorry I completely forgot about this thread!


Ok it is going, umm interestingly...I get out about 3 days a week and while I'm not running like a champ I at least have built up enough stamina not to be huffing and puffing after 300 yards..


I actually got a pair of Vibram's for every day wearing because I prefer to walk barefoot anyway and it just isn't practical all the time. 

I am still running in my regular old nike running shoes that I've had for ages. I am signing up for a 5k that is in the end of September as a major motivator for me and I am debating whether or not to transition to vibrams for that..


Ohh, I just found a running buddy so I am hopeful we can motivate each other!

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