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Thoughts, Prayers and Well Wishes Needed!

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Liora is currently in the hospital with ctx and effacement. Don't know all the dets. but the nurse said she will not be leaving the hospital without having her two little boys! Please send thoughts and prayers her way, she's 31 weeks. Her babies are good sizes for 31 weeks (around 4lbs, if not over by now).


Sending you lots of goodvibes.gif and om.gif mama- I can only imagine how stressed you must feel. xoxoxoxo Hang in there!

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Thinking of liora and praying things go smoothly!

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thanks for updating us.  I will definitely be thinking of her and the babies.  Keep us posted. 

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goodvibes.gif Sending love and babies stay put vibes!

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Liora - sending you super baby stay in vibes! Hoping for strong, healthy babes!

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Hoping those sweet babies stay in longer!!

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Stay tight there twins!!!  

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Stay in little guys!  Stay in a bit longer!

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Hey babies, stay put just a little longer, okay? I know you will be just fine if you absolutely have to come out now, but it would be so much nicer for your mommy and daddy if you could hold off.



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Do you know her room number? I would like to go visit her tomorrow or next week. Poor Liora :(

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Oh no, stay put babies! Give your mama a couple more weeks at least! Thinking of you Liora.

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Originally Posted by JoyfamMama View Post

Do you know her room number? I would like to go visit her tomorrow or next week. Poor Liora :(

No, I know she's in the perinatal unit though and she's stressin' (as is to be expected). They're pumping her with mag (she's pre-eclamptic) and steroids for the boys lungs, and her contractions (so far) haven't caused any cervical change, so they're trying to hold off till at least 32 weeks. I know they're all going to do just fine though- she's a strong mama, and I'm predicting the boys are going to be big and healthy. I'm optimistic that they won't spend too much time in the NICU. She says the mag is making her arms hurt, but I'm continuing to get updates through FB, so I'll keep ya'll updated!

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thanks Nannette for the update!!  make sure you tell her we are all thinking of them!! 

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hug2.gif Liora and the boys.  Hope they can stay in for a while longer and that all goes well if they can't wait to come meet mama!

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Wow!  Well wishes Liora and may those little ones be big and strong when they come!

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Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers!  They mean so much.


So, I have pre-eclampsia - my protein was 820 on a 24 hour collection and 300 is considered pre-e.  However, I'm not swelling and my bp is staying for the most part under 140/100 while on mag.  They stopped the mag this morning since I've had both steroid shots for the babies.  My blood glucose is high (I have GD) due to the steroids as well.  Magnesium is no fun at all but I'm happy to have those steroid shots under my belt!


My understanding is that they will try to stop labor until 32 weeks (I'm currently 30w6d) and after that they may or may not depending on my condition.  It is all just a waiting game but I'm definitely in the hospital for the remainder.


My boys were 3lbs 4oz and 3lbs 8oz at the 30w u/s so they are inchin' towards 4 lbs which would be great!


I'm at a great hospital with a great NICU and a world class NICU is minutes away (Akron Children's) and they share the same neonatal group so I know the boys will have great care. 


I bought the cutest dress for my baby shower this Saturday.  =/  lol, that's getting returned!


I'll update when I can! :)

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thanks for posting and keeping us updated.  Hope your bp's stay down and that they can keep the babes in a little longer. I know everyday makes a difference at this point. 


You better get a new (and smaller, non maternity dress!) and have a fabulous party after babies are born!!  orngbiggrin.gif

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So sorry that you're facing this but glad you're in the place you and the boys need to be and close to another NICU if necessary.  Hopefully you'll make it to 32 weeks and maybe even more!


Becca is right you can get a new fab dress - maybe a lovely nursing one for after the babies.  


I had one of my showers postponed when DS arrived early and it was great to have a post-baby shower so everyone could see him (it was a month after he was born, a couple weeks after he got home from NICU).

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Liora-I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I know preeclampsia is no fun. I was able to hold off 5 weeks after I was diagnosed with pre-e before I delivered with my last baby. I Had a high numbers on my 24 hour urine tests but they paid more attention to how much it was rising more than the number itself. Hang in there and take it one day at a time. You can do it!

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