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Audren is Here!- birth story snippet and picture #20

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Born 2/11/11 at 12:07pm. 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long! We are both doing well. Will post more later...

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Glad to hear Birth buddy ;)  Hope you are both doing well.  Congratulations!

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Congratulations!! Love the name...my little girl's name is Audrey 

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Congrats!  Can't wait to hear the story!!

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Congrats Jenne, I can't wait to hear your birthstory. I hope you are doing well.

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Congratulations, Jenne!  Enjoy your babymoon love.gif

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Congrats mama and baby!!!  Happy birthday!

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Congrats! I'm so happy for you, Jenne!

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Congrats! Enjoy the babymoon! smile.gif
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Yay! Congrats!

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congrats jenne! welcome audren... i'm glad to hear you're both doing well...looking forward to hearing how the birth went... in the meantime joy.gif

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Yaayyy!!! Congrats!!!

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Oh Em Gee! I just stopped by your blog to say hello and then I came here and saw this. CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!!! What a long road you've been on and look at the culmination... Audren is here! Audren is here! AUDREN IS HERE!!! joy.gif

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oh congrats!!!! WOOHOO!

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Congrats, Jenne! So happy she's here!

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Hooray!! Congrats, mama!!!

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Welcome welcome baby Audren!

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Thank you all so much for the warm wishes and congratulations. It was really hard up until Friday at around 8am. Then there was just peace and then she was here! I went in for the induction at 11am on Wednesday. Cervidil to ripen from 3pm-3am. At 3am I was 1-1.5 cm and 70% effaced. Yahoo! But I was also having regular contractions! Double yahoo! I labored from 3am-8am and made no progress. I was having to be in the bed on the pit and monitors until I was cleared for the remote monitors and could be up and about. I was desperately hanging on until then. Unfortunately, she was never able to be on the remote monitors because the only position they could get sustained tracings were when I was reclined and on my left side--unmoving. I couldn't shift a foot or move an arm! At 8am the OB cleared turning off the pit and doing 30minutes on monitor, 30 minutes walking around and moving. Relief! I was also told though that if I didn't progress at noon I would have to go back on pit and be in bed. At 10:30am I hadn't made any progress still so I volunteered to go back on pit. I spent the rest of the day laboring in bed. I made some progress and at 2pm was at 3cm. Pit continued. at 3:30pm the contractions never ended. Just one continuous contraction and it was unbearably awful. The thought was that maybe my own labor had kicked in so I requested to be checked. No change. Okay, fine, turn the pit back on but not as high as it was! I hypno'd and made it 3 more hours through really strong contractions throughout my back and abdomen. At that check, I broke. No change. I cried hysterically. I told my DH I wanted a c-section. That there was something wrong and that was why this wasn't working. My birth team though said no. No really. They thought an epidural and rest would help my labor. Although I was not really even coherent I consented to the epidural. Unfortunately, I was too distraught to hold still and finally refused the epidural. (Some nurse made a comment that "we lose more poeople during epidurals than we do in childbirth" and I thought I was going to die during the epidural. Continued crying hysterically.) Finally birth team consented to letting me rest until morning. By morning I was much more together and after speaking with the OB she agreed that the best course was a c-section. So. I had a c-section under general anesthesia. I know it isn't what most women would have chosen but after everything I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up to DH holding our precious one. It was wonderful from that moment on!
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