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Hoping upnorthmama is holding her baby today.


AND popping in to encourage you guys still hanging out here. Soon, ladies, soon. Don't feel lonely. I'm checking this thread regularly to see how you're all doing and sending ELVs to all of you!

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Bloody show! Yay Ashley!


I am due tomorrow or Friday. But I think I am now going to have a March baby. 


Twinklefae, PassionateMama (?) is 42 week I think.


Hey, the best news is that in three weeks all of us should have our babies!

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I'm due Friday, and still hanging in there.  Had a check yesterday (I was all right with it).  A bit dilated and 50% effaced.


Lost my MP a few days ago...having BH's about half a dozen times a day...


Just ready for this little baby to come out already!  :)


Going to try some spicy Chinese to entice the little bugger to come out!

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I hit the hospital today for a NST and BPP. Baby is fine and we're cleared of appts and worry til Monday! Hopefully baby will come soon. I am 1cm dilated and about 30% effaced. She tried to do a sweep but obviously didn't get far. Lots of digging around though, which seems to have set off lots of cramps. Hopefully that means soon!


(didn't hit submit an hour ago)


Bloody show!  I think this is it!

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Yay Twinklefae! ELV coming your way!

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oh lots of action around here. looks like this thread will dwindle really quickly.


My 41 week appt yesterday went really well. She started me on cohash tinctures today and tomorrow and I have to move on to the dreaded castor oil by Friday morning if there is still no baby yet. Hope the herbs do it.



Happy birthing everyone- can't wait to hear all the lovely stories!

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I come on here once in a while. Today is my due date, and I'm still pregnant! I really haven't been impatient though, and am trying to enjoy the positives of only having one child a little bit longer. My house is much cleaner than it has been in a long time, though I can still find things to do! Went for a 30 min walk with my 3 year old tonight, felt BH stronger during it, but they subside as soon as I sit.


I figure I'm having a March baby, but we'll see.

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Didn't go last night, but had more bloody show, so hopefully within the next day or so.

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Well, baby is head down, though not engaged as I'd hoped, and they estimated his weight as 8 lbs., 14 oz., which I take with a grain of salt. My amniotic fluid levels are high, which helps explain how he had so much room to be flipping until 39 weeks. High amniotic fluid level was the excuse the OB gave me for insisting on induction with DD at 41w6d; given that none of the dreadful side effects that can come of it actually occured in that pregnancy or so far in this, I think it's just an idiosyncracy and I'm not terribly concerned; hopefully my midwife won't be, either.


Still no labor signs, though the BH have gotten more uncomfortable, they're still very erratic. I've started getting a few at night and when lying down, and always when I try and walk anywhere, but if I'm at rest they're only every few hours so hardly encouraging.


We got about half the cookie dough from DD's enrichment program fundraiser delivered; the rest is still sitting in the cooler in the car, but should either fit into the fridge or be deliverable later today (2 people in the neighborhood didn't answer the door, one we ran out of steam for going to, and the rest of the sales were to SCA friends who I'll see Tuesday if the baby doesn't come; otherwise I'll tell them to come see the baby and they can have their cookie dough when they get here, or they'll just have to wait a few weeks!)

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I thought something was starting this morning, but I guess it was just a false alarm. I had a lot of cramping and 3 or 4 painful contrax that didn't feel like BH. They weren't regular, but I still thought....


Oh well. 

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Still no regular contractions, but off and on back pain, and lost the rest of my mucous plug in a giant gross lump. 

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Thinking of all of you.  Sending you good thoughts!!

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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post

Still no regular contractions, but off and on back pain, and lost the rest of my mucous plug in a giant gross lump. 

   I hope that things pick up for you soon :hug:


AFM : We had our appointment with the midwife yesterday and I did decide to get an internal exam, she is more than willing to wait on the baby so long as we both are doing well. I just wanted to know so that next week if I'm still pregnant we have a better idea of what progress(if any) has been made. I think it would make it easier to make a decision on what interventions we would be okay with, etc.. Baby is still LOA and nice and low, my blood pressure has come down since last week, measuring 41 weeks now, and my weight has dropped. She thinks it will be soon, but of course there really isn't any way to know for certain.


The hardest part right now is dealing with everyone else who wants to know why I'm not being induced and asking why I'm still pregnant and just overall driving me crazy.



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Originally Posted by cagnew View Post

I thought something was starting this morning, but I guess it was just a false alarm. I had a lot of cramping and 3 or 4 painful contrax that didn't feel like BH. They weren't regular, but I still thought....


Oh well. 

yeahthat.gif  I had that, too, this morning and yesterday...I'm just about done getting my hopes up.  I have a feeling as soon as I do, labor will start orngtongue.gif

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lyterae, that's exactly how I feel.  I personally could wait, if only everyone else would leave me alone!


r_m and cagnew, hopefully those twinges turn to something real soon!

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lyterae, I'm with you on wishing people would stop being so impatient on my behalf! I just didn't bother answering a text from someone at work asking, and was frankly rather grumpy with my mom, while I've completely ignored my MIL... I sympathize with DD's impatience, but anyone outside our household just gets on my nerves when they ask.

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I've been asked to take castor oil in the am but things began 'moving' along very loosely on their own tonight. Hope I can get in a good nap and not have to make my "get it going" milkshake by morning.

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I’m out. we have a BOY! born accidental unassisted into his father’s arms 12:33am Feb 25th 9lbs 4oz

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Wow, congrats Echo!!     I can't wait to read the birth story!!  Enjoy your babymoon!

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joy.gif congrats echospiritwarrior! welcome little one!...look forward to seeing and hearing more! 

grouphug.gif to those almost there!

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