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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post

lol.gif That's funny sweeteleanor!


I thought we were in business here last night too- regular contractions that were getting stronger and stronger and then it all just fizzled.  Blah.  Soon I hope!

Hope yours keeps going! I had no idea there was so much mucous to loose until the events of the other night. Sounds promising!


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I feel the same way about my house.  Its not spotless but toys are picked up, only a few dishes in the dishwasher and maybe one load of laundry I could do today.  Maybe I'll wash the downstairs carpet today.  Im still pregnant too and everyone keeps asking when Im going to have this baby.  I was fine with it for awhile but now its getting old.  Im either due today (according to ovulation, bd and early u/s dating) or the 17th according to a "typical" cycle.  I feel fine so Im just waiting it out.  Next check up is Friday the 18th.  Ill be over due if Im still pregnant then.  Maybe Ill see about sweeping the membranes to try to avoid pitocin this time around. 

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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post

You people and your clean houses.  I bought groceries today, and that's about as much energy as I can muster!

I hear you. My house would qualify as "fairly tidy" LOL and that's good with me! As long as I, or someone, keeps up with the dishes & laundry & there aren't toys scattered about at all times, I'm a happy momma.

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I'm still here, though I haven't posted much lately.  I'm due the 24th.


DH's job is out of town and last week he came home the same day he flew out because I started having some contractions that didn't go away.  I was a total emotional wreck thinking about DH mising the birth.  Now he's back at work & I'm just hoping baby stays put until Thursday or so, that way DH is home.  Plus DS & I both have really bad colds, and it would be wonderful if we could be healthy when the babe arrives... poor DS is just miserable.  So I went from desperately hoping the baby would get here last week, to hoping he stays put for just a bit longer!

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I started losing mucus plug yesterday and was feeling achey during the day. In the afternoon, bh contractions started getting pretty intense  and by 8 pm they were 15 minutes apart but manageable (took my breath away but I could still read my book). This was totally different than either of my other labours that both started unmistakably. By 10 pm, we were not sure which way it was going to go so we filled the pool halfway and put in a call to the midwives just to let them know something was happening. (My last labour was 2 hours so we're expecting this one to be quick). Then we went to bed. Took me quite a while to fall asleep and I was woken periodically with contractions but then they just petered out.


Super disappointed this morning.


Hugs to echospiritwarrior and twinklefae!

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Still around, I'm so tired too of people asking me "is anything happening?"  Or people calling thinking that we forgot to call them...ugh. 

I apparently have set out to induce this baby today by means of excessive valentine's chocolates.  Good grief.


41 weeks tomorrow.  Have another NST and US on Wednesday.  It's so hard because the NSTs are in the maternity ward at the little hospital I'll be delivering in, and I was in one of the 3 delivery rooms for the NST.  And then had to walk out of there, still pregnant. 

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Seriously... what's with the people/family/friends that think you're just going to go off and give birth without letting anyone know????


Today my folks, my inlaws, my boss and several friends have all called me to ask if I had the baby yet. I'm tempted to just stop answering the phone but then I know they'll freak out.





sorry to rant, it's just getting annoying. There are only so many times I can promise I WILL LET THEM KNOW when I'm in labor. duh.gif

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I'm dealing with the same annoyances. For the past week, I've gotten anywhere from 5-10 calls a day, usually in the afternoon when I least feel like chatting, from people calling to "check in." 


I've stopped answering the phone. I text or e-mail later that day to let them know NO BABY YET!


Now that I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow, the calls have slowed down! I think people are giving up!

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Well, in honor of Valentines day I allowed a membrane strip.  Thought it sounded like the sexy thing to do.  Now I will be waiting (hoping) for other sexy things like mucus and pain!  XOXO


Not a lot of action so far...

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Originally Posted by sweeteleanor View Post

Well, in honor of Valentines day I allowed a membrane strip.  Thought it sounded like the sexy thing to do.  Now I will be waiting (hoping) for other sexy things like mucus and pain!  XOXO


Not a lot of action so far...



 Well no more mucous, but I'm starting to get regular contractions this afternoon. I told DH to make sure he's prepared to be out of the office the rest of the week. Just in case...

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Sexy alert!  Blood on the TP!  LOL!  Now...if I could only convince DH to have sexy sex with me.  He seems to be completly disinterested.  Grrr....maybe I should stop talking to him about my butt hurting and my mucus.  mischievous.gif

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Lyterae!  Maybe this is your time!  Keep us in the loop PLEASE!

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Every time dh and I have had sex the past two weeks, it causes me TONS of contractions that make me think I'm in labor. Saturday, sex and a walk kicked off 10 hours of contractions 4-6 minutes apart! Every time I get these bouts of contractions, they eventually stop.


I'm DONE with sex!

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Thank you!  That makes me feel better.  He's off to work...no sperm for me!  Glad to know it might just give me false hope.  orngbiggrin.gif

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Still at work - still having regular (every 6-7 minutes)contractions. I'm hoping to stop at the chiropractor before we head home, and I guess I'll pack DD's overnight bag once we get home in case it's needed.

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Happy V-Day. Sounds like some of you might "go" soon :) Nothing going on here. I kind of overdid it today and my back is killing me, so it's a good thing I'm not experiencing any labor signs... I don't think I could labor in this kind of shape! Got my carpet shampooed, my van cleaned, and the party stuff for my ds 2nd b-day. Glad I got that stuff done... wish I didn't have to pay for it this way! My ankles and feet are swelling a bit.


My almost-4 year old stuck pennies in the steering wheel while I was vacuuming out the van. I didn't know what she was doing until I got both kids in their car seats, started the car and turned the wheel. I could hear the pennies in it rattling around and then the horn started going off and wouldn't stop. I was livid. I think I scared her because I started to rant and rave and cry. I calmed down though and managed to get all the pennies out by taking off the fuse box cover and turning the steering wheel back and forth for awhile. Ugh. 


I'm so impatient these days :( 

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I'm so sorry but your penny story made me laugh!  Somthing that would SO happen here.  Good on you for figuring it out!


It would figure if I went into labor today.  Got lazy on the house AND am out of dish soap so the kitchen is a mess.  Ah well.  Something to do if I feel that this is the real deal at some point!

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LOL....the last time I forced my husband to have sex with me from a cervix ripening standpoint only, he called the experience "brutal".  LMAO.  I think I weight more than him now. 

Also, once the phrases "bulging bag of water" and "mucous plug" enter my conversations, sex is pretty much over.


I can't even tell you how pysched I would be to see any sort of blood anything on the TP.  Durrrr.  I got nothing.  People call and have asked me "if anything is going on" and it takes all my strength not to answer "NO, there is NOTHING to see on the TP...move along..."


lyterae - sounds promising, good luck!


corrie - I kind of would have been pretty ticked off if my son did that to car (especially because I have no idea about taking off wheels or whatever).  I've been pretty impatient with them, especially when my 2 boys REFUSE to listen to me, when I asked them to STOP what they are doing...by the time I can get up and waddle over to them, they have usually already flushed a bar of soap down the toilet or thrown 103957401934870140 toys down the stairs.



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hugs to all man I feel ya. My mother who NEVER visits FB decided to message me there in lieu of email to ask me if I've had the baby. Guess she figures I wouldn't post it to my status. Then in case I didn't check the message she left on my answering machine (yes I ignored her call, I was pissed about the FB message and she's an idiot- sorry- I had to say it) she had to email me to ask.




any of you plan on NOT calling, say a parent when you have your baby?


just curious.

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Website to send out to relatives:




I put it on my facebook today.  :)



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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post

Website to send out to relatives:




I put it on my facebook today.  :)



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