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totally just stole that!!! AWESOME!

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Website to send out to relatives:




I put it on my facebook today.  :)



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Home now, we stopped and picked up groceries after work. Contractions are still about 6-8 minutes apart but are becoming a lot more demanding. I'm planning on a shower and heading to bed, if it is labor I need sleep and if it isn't, well, we can start again tomorrow! 


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Fingers crossed lyerae!


Nothing here.  Lost another giant hunk of mucous plug, but no more major contractions.  This is almost as annoying as having NO contractions last time.

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Anyone having bouts of semi-intense menstrual cramps?

I only had them once with my second son - the morning I went into labor, I was woken up with them for a few hours and then went into labor that night at 40w6d.


This time, I've had them ALOT.  And they kind of SUCK.  Like at times, certainly not "mild cramps".  if this is how I felt every month before AF, I would be not so happy.  I woke up last night with them again and every time I get a BH contraction (which has been about every 10 minutes) they really get worse.  I feel like this fake laboring for weeks is going to use up all my mental energy for the real thing.


Lyterae - how are you?  holding your baby?  :)

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Totally Michelle.


Last night was rough.  Fairly intense contractions, every ten minutes all day and then all night.  Finally slept about four hours.  Yawn!  I have been having bloody show so hoping soon?  I was in labor for two days with DD and am not looking forward to that scene again!

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On call for today:


Grocery shop

Power walk

Sex (if I can get him to do it!)

Labor cookies (why the hell not?)

Spicy food

Maybe an enema?  Ina May makes it sound like the cool thing to do.  LOL!

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bawling.gifMiserable appointment. She was way focused on me getting swept and then couldn't even find my cervix (and yes I know I did this last time) but baby was also OUT OF MY PELVIS and at a weird angle. WTF???? I"m so miserable right now and don't even know what to think. I currently hate everything and everybody.

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No go... I laid down around 11 last night and went to sleep, I know I had a few more contractions during the night but nothing that kept me awake for very long.


Sending labor vibes to the rest of you!

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Let's pass around the labor vibe cup!  I'll drink!


That is so hard Sarah.  Big hugs mama.

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Everyone needs a big hug.

I'm wondering, after weeks of on and off contractions if I'll even KNOW I'm in labor?

I mean, I'm sure I'll know when it gets really bad but since my husband is 45 minutes away and the hospital is another 45 minutes away, I kind of need to maybe sort of give a heads up.


Maybe I should just move into the hospital and spend the next week or two being served meals and not cleaning my house.  LOL.  Just the physical exercise of putting on pants and socks makes me out of breath.  Yikes.


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Eleanor-- your enema remark made me laugh..because it's so true! i remember reading ina may many years ago...and she did pass it on as this cool thing to do! ha! smile.gif


yes i think a grouphug.gif is in order! sorry to those mamas particularly having a hard time and ready to be done, done! i hope your babies and bodies decide the time is now! 


on a different note, to give you something to laugh at, my husband imitated my breathing as i'm sleeping this morning as we were standing with his hand on my belly...it was something dark-vaderish...with some wheezing/snorting mixed in! then i'm laughing because he's so right...i woke myself up at one point with my labored/weird breathing...and so i start to laugh. well, his hand is on my belly, so he goes "laugh again!" he gets such a kick of my whole belly rising and falling with my laugh, so then we were standing there laughing with the amazingness (or funniness) of it all! wow. what's so amazing is he's so ready to jump in and do another pregnancy right away so our little guy or gal can have a friend... wow, i'm just like slow down! :) don't you feel how tired i am..and so ready to have my body back for a bit...or at least my belly as i'll be sharing my boobs! shy.gif i remind him i'll be breastfeeding and we might not have fertility around for a quite a while! thumb.gif anyways, these last days are a funny mix of awkwardness and laughs...and cries!


i think that's it for now...we booked our trip to france last night so our little one will be on his first flight to france at about 4 months old...we get to go introduce him/her to his stepbrother and sister! and take our first family vacation with all of us together! wow...my dh is so excited...and i think, lets just get through the birth...and then we'll focus on what kind of fun we'll have! we're debating on renting an rv and touring france, renting a place by the beach, or going to a campsite by the beach...anyways, again, my dh is so excited and i'm like...one day at a time here! wink1.gif i'm so glad i'm with someone with such enthusiasm...but at the moment, all i can deal with is these last days/weeks of pregnancy...and birth! thumb.gif


i think that's all...apparently i felt really chatty this morning...so thanks for hearing me out! hope some little ones are about to make their debuts...





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Michelle, I know what you mean about using up the mental energy for the real thing. I've been feeling quite a bit more anxiety about labour the last few weeks than I did in my last pregnancy so when I start thinking "this could be the night" it takes quite a bit to get psyched up for it, trying to get in the right head space...then it's a big let down when it just peters out.


I was still losing plug all day yesterday but no more pattern to the bh contrax. Baby's so low and in a great position, almost completely OA this morning. The pelvic pressure yesterday was really intense. I can't imagine trying to walk around like this for another couple of weeks (I'm only 39 weeks today).


I'm mostly bummed out today because after having what I hoped was a resolution to my platelet issue, two weeks have slipped by and I'm supposed to get them checked again today. Ugh. I thought for sure I'd have the baby before I had to check them again. I'm still taking the chlorophyll but I'm so nervous to get them checked again. I might try to put it off a day or two but I doubt I can push it for too long. And to be honest, I really don't think that putting it off a day or two will help since I'm pretty sure this baby won't come in the mean time. Also, the midwife that I'm hoping is NOT on call for the birth goes back on call this weekend (after 10 days off). This past week would have been a perfect time for baby to come re: platelets and the call schedule.


Anyway, hugs to all you +40wk mamas, I realize that I'm being a bit of whiner, given that my EDD is still a week away (the curse of having an early baby in the past!!).

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Originally Posted by ashleybrook View Post
again, my dh is so excited and i'm like...one day at a time here! wink1.gif

Ashley, I don't know if that's just a guy thing or what. My dh is often musing about all kinds of stuff in the future...we have to move in May and we have plans to maybe buy a house in a year or two. And I find that I just can't mentally think about anything beyond getting the baby on the outside. Everything after that is this huge question mark in my mind.


Trip to France sounds awesome. I have to say that it might seem daunting, especially as this is your first little one, but I think that's probably a great age baby to take traveling. Babies really are so portable - all you need are boobs, diapers and a sling. And they sleep so much compared to older kids. Going anywhere with a toddler on the other hand...ugh. orngtongue.gif

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I wonder the same thing!!!!  Everyone keeps asking.  I told MIL today we will definately let her know if anything changes (she has been doing daily phone calls checking in).  For now Im still comfortable and sitting around waiting for baby to say its time. 


Originally Posted by LSUtwinMama View Post

Seriously... what's with the people/family/friends that think you're just going to go off and give birth without letting anyone know????


Today my folks, my inlaws, my boss and several friends have all called me to ask if I had the baby yet. I'm tempted to just stop answering the phone but then I know they'll freak out.





sorry to rant, it's just getting annoying. There are only so many times I can promise I WILL LET THEM KNOW when I'm in labor. duh.gif

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Still here....didn't go yesterday (surprise!) Had an appointment with MW today and no changes. Had "the talk" about induction planning. Which I wasn't totally ready to have but seems the policies are even more strict here then I understood. At 41 weeks (next Tuesday) they have to transfer my care to the OB at the local hospital and they will induce. The midwives pick up care again postpartum. If I am willing to travel to a smaller hospital about 1 hour away they can push it to 41+3-possibly 6 and the OB will be more of a consult in the process.


I have already had 2 NST because of decreased fetal movement. I am having an ultrasound on Saturday. DD was induced because of low AFI and was born dry. So we want to avoid that. I really want a natural homebirth and I want to wait for it. BUT I also want a heathly baby. MORE


So here is hoping that something happens between now and then. Feeling really down about all of this-have done a ton of crying today. I just want my body to kick into gear.


In solidarity mamas!

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Hoping, wishing, wishing, hoping for either sleep or a baby tonight.  Please!!!!

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It is so refreshing to have others to relate with.I too have been having crazy off and on contractions for weeks now and really wish I could sleep or just have this baby. I hope that my midwife offers to strip my membranes (most likely won't) I am going crazy thinking this is it. I keep telling my self it could still be another week. Due friday 18th. Hope we all feel better soon:)

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I posted the "Have you had that baby yet?" website on facebook- awesome!!


I had my first mini breakdown tonight. I went 9 days past my EDD with my DD but she was my first and that was easier! It's so much harder to be chasing around a 4yo and 2yo and trying to keep up with the house, etc.


Am I the only one with a SUPER laid back midwife? She doesn't have you schedule your first BPP/NST until 41.5 weeks, and we aren't even entertaining the thought of me having to be induced in the hospital. Apparently the backup OB is perfectly fine with 42w + a few days as long and mom and baby are doing fine. 

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hugs to all the mamas who are "overdue" and/or facing induction.


Pollyanna, my midwife is super laid back. She was my midwife during my last birth and we went to one day shy of 43 weeks. We didn't even talk about induction or transferring care but there were no laws forcing us to do so. I don't think she even has a back-up OB and I certainly don't as well.

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My doctor is more laid back then most - she knows I won't talk induction til 42 weeks.  (The 'usual' here is 10 days, so that the baby is born by the 2 week mark, or something.)


Right now my bigger concern is that baby's head is still jammed in my pelvic bone.  I'm really worried that it's stuck.  I know the rest of it can turn, but I can't seem to budge that little noggin!


Wish me luck!

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