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Hypnobabies check in

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For mamas who have already delivered how was it? What was most helpful for you?

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ya know, hypnobabies was invaluable to me in my last labor but, this time around, I only used the "peace" cue and thats about it. I didn't do any finger drops or anything else, didn't even listen to the affirmations, which I thought I would do. I just worked through the pain on my own, pushed with my own body cues, etc.

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i absoulutely love Hypnobirthing last time.  it was my 5th and was practically painless.  i just remember being a little upset that it took me that long to find this wonderful tool.  i am really looking forward to birthing because of my last experience yet i havent really done much with the CD's or the book and i never went back to an instructor, i wonder if my body will still know what to do??  i really only did it in the last month of my last pregnancy so i am hoping  this is something that will just happen?

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I really *think* that it is going to help me. I am doing some extra practice sessions in these final days to make sure that it is worth it.



@carrie I think we were in the same DDC in April 08 too ;-)

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