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Parasites and allergic reactions

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Hey everybody,


I've not been on this board for a while because I've been struggling with some health issues that I could not figure out. I did finally figure it out, and I wanted to share it with all of you.


In the fall I began having severe allergic reactions to almost everything I ate... I'd break out in hives all over my face and neck, I'd have patches of really painful weeping eczema all over my scalp and neck, and my eyes would swell almost shut. All starting within 20 minutes of eating. The severe reactions would take almost a week to recover from, but I'd have moderate reactions all the time, which would go away more quickly.


It turned out it was an intestinal parasite, and as soon as I treated for it, all my allergic symptoms went away, along with a host of other symptoms I had had for three years: splitting itching skin on my hands, liver spots, anal fissures, egg sensitivity, and mood issues.


And here's the thing: the CDC says that 85% of Americans test positive for intestinal parasites at any given time. It's not unusual at all, and yet we don't often talk about it or treat it, especially when presenting with allergy symptoms like hives. Some people shed parasites naturally, while others have a harder time shedding them -- for various reasons.


I wrote a website about my whole experience, because the treatments I used are very detailed, and also I treated while breastfeeding, so I couldn't use the normal herbal treatments, which are all contraindicated for nursing. I figured you all would be particularly interested in what I used. The website is:




I hope this helps someone. I can think of some folks in particular on here who might benefit from this info, based on symptoms I've heard people describe over the years. I think that anyone with leaky gut should consider that parasites are a root cause. Actually, I think that we all should make parasite cleansing a yearly thing, the way our ancestors and most traditional peoples do. They're everywhere, and the point is not to battle them or be afraid, but just to have tools in our toolbox, and be aware. Also, there are general health issues -- metabolic issues -- that make us more vulnerable to parasitic infection, so for those of us with adrenal or thyroid issues, it's good to be particularly aware.


P.S. And for those of you with food allergies -- I'm able to eat eggs again without itching! It's amazing!

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1st of all-I love Mary Oliver and I love that quote. Isn't that just so great? I definitely think that sums up the people I love!


2nd- I am so glad you found the solution to such an awful experience. thanks for sharing.Your website is so interesting.

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So glad to find another lover of Mary Oliver! She is pretty transformational, isn't she? So glad you enjoyed the website.

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Thanks for sharing. Time to check out your site...
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congratulations!  parasites are terribly underdiagnosed for exactly the reason you state.  I'm so sorry you went through all you did, but it must feel fantastic to have gotten an answer and turned things around!

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Thanks for sharing!  This might just come in handy for us...

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. So glad you figured out what was the problem and found a solution!

Question: Did you prepare your own dried papaya seeds or did you buy them somewhere? And do the papaya seeds need to come from a mature papaya? We use green papaya a lot around here (for tenderizing meat for stews and for making fresh salads) and always throw the seeds into the compost. Would love to use them if possible, but they are white not black like I saw when I searched on this issue.

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I did my own papaya seeds, both fresh and dried. At first I was really careful about popping them out of their gel enclosures and drying them, but eventually I just would scoop out a spoonful of the seeds as I was eating the papaya. They taste much more potent that way, and I figured there was nothing miraculous happening during the drying process -- they're just easier to store that way. So I would eat a scoop of the seeds while eating the papaya, and then I would spread the rest of the seeds out in a wire mesh colander, and let them dry. I just shook them around occasionally for air circulation. And now I have a little jar of the dried ones, ready for whenever I need them on a day when I don't have a fresh papaya. Right now I'm using those dried ones for my toddler -- grinding them up with a mortar and pestle and giving them to him sandwiched in some coconut milk ice cream -- he loves it, and doesn't taste the spiciness at all that way.


I used mature, black seeds. I've seen the white ones too. The essential ingredient is the carpain in the seeds. I'm not sure if it's developed in the white ones or not -- I don't know how you'd find out. I do know that there is lots of carpain in the unripe skin of a papaya. But even more in the ripe seeds.


And yes, I am very thankful and amazed at having been shown what it was and how to treat it. I had never eaten a papaya in my life before having that dream. I'm grateful for the whole shebang. Our collective wisdom is always available to us...

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I read your site and it was very informative. I was an exchange student in Ecuador many years ago, and the family I stayed with gave me the papaya cure -- papaya seeds ground up in a blender with a bit of water. Used alone, it wasn't completely effective, though. Perhaps I needed to take other herbs at the same time, like the cloves you mentioned on your website.

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Yes, the dream did tell me to do the cloves -- perhaps because the cloves dissolve the eggs of the parasite, and so are a good companion herb. And cloves are safe in small amounts for breastfeeding mothers.


Also, something that makes any anti-parasitic herb more effective is colon cleansing after taking the anti-parasitic herb. While  eating the papaya and cloves, I was drinking a tea that inreased my bowel movements to about 3 or 4 a day. I also found that the raw garlic would stimulate the bowels pretty quickly, if done in high enough amounts. The trick is to get the critters physically out, both for toxicity reasons and also in case some of them are just paralyzed by the herb.


Yes, Ecuador sounds like a place where they'd already know about papaya!

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the clay will also prevent them from reproducing well.  you really addressed it from many angles.

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I have found that flower essences have been very effective in helping the body rid itself of parasites. I have used wormwood, clove and garlic essences very effectively with my puppy. However, the puppy was healthy, completely unvaxed and fed a species appropriate raw meat diet so he already had what was needed to fight a parasitic infection and I believe the essences kicked his body into rejecting them.


N.B. To avoid misunderstanding, flower essences are not herbals and do not contain any physical plant matter so are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


I believe he got the parasites from eating deer poop. shake.gif

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Good to know about your experience with the flower essences. Did you make your own, or are those specific ones available for purchase somewhere? I, too, have found that flower essences are very potent healing tools. But I'd never thought of them for parasites.

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I'd guess she got them at www.pegasusproducts.com  It's an incredible company with extremely high quality essences.  Some of the best on the market.


I've use flowers for parasites, but never alone-I generally give a homeopathic and clay too.  Now I have to think about that because I've used essences from medicinal herbs SO successfully that it's definitely worth a try.

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Thank you for that resource! I did not know about them.

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you're welcome!  we are super duper lucky because Mizram's dh owns that company and is a spectacular resource for all things flower, star and gem elixir related.  she is a treasure trove of knowledge and very generously shares with us.

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To OP, the link provided doesn't work anymore greensad.gif. I was looking forward to reading it. Is there somewhere I an find that info? Thanks!
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