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Pottys / Inserts

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We have an insert that we used for DD since she was about 3. It's a nice padded one with a "pee guard" that is flush with the top of the insert, but cupped underneath.

It's a great product, and I can't get that one any more. Trouble is that after 2.5 years of constant use, it STINKS. I can't get it clean any more.

We have two other inserts - a foldable one, and one that comes off a Summer Infant potty I bought. DS has been using the toilet for months (he's 1) and for some reason the potty top doesn't fit him - he just pees over the top of it.

Does anyone have an insert that works well with small boys? Does the Baby Bjorn insert work well? Since it's going to be used for several years yet, I don't mind investing if it's worth it. I want one that works well for a larger toddler and small child as DD still uses it too.


Also, I'm wondering whether I need to get a potty for him to use as he becomes more independent (one hopes!). We have a BBLP, but he's quite long and I think he's probably too big for it (plus it's a pain to use). I'm wondering whether I need to think about getting a BBBP, or whether we can just stick with the toilet. I think I'd prefer the toilet, but it does reduce his independence. Maybe I'll just wait and see if it bugs him...

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We have a Bumbo insert and it is awesome! Check it out it might be right for you!

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