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Keeping DH's tools tidy

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My DH has a work bench and shelving in the garage of our new house.  He is driving me bonkers leaving his tools everywhere and not throwing out things that are garbage.  We almost always have one project on the go... I could go on about the specifics of his messes but I don't think it would matter.


So my question is...

Any suggestions on organizing tools, screws, etc.  that is REALLY easy to use?  I got him one of those plastic containers with all sorts of compartments for all this different screws, but he NEVER will put them back in there.  Right now I just have plastic baskets where I throw everything for him to deal with.  The biggest issue is he can't find things so he goes out and buys new stuff.  He have FOUR wood glues because of this!  UGH!!!


Do I just have to give in and go and organize for him?

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OH MAN do I feel your pain. When we are doing a project DH can never find what he needs and very very often we go out and buy duplicates, triplicates, etc. It drives me INSANE!!!

He is starting to get organized though. He got one of these for Christmas (his is not pink though....) and that kind of motivated him to start organizing a bit and decluttering duplicates... but there is still such a long way to go. I can't even help him because I'm terrified to go in the basement, it's that bad -- there is spilled paint, empty beer cans, and last time DH was down there for more than a minute, he stepped straight on a nail! I am thinking of getting him to clean out the trash & hazards and then going down there with him to organize it all... perhaps label shelves and bins, if necessary...

I saw this while I was looking for the above link... maybe labeling something like that with categories -- "adhesives", "screws", "nails", "small tools" etc. would make it easier since you don't have to organize everything like 2" screws vs. 1" screws, but at least all the screws would be in one bin???

*SIGH* This just reminds me how annoyed I am with DH's lack of organizational skills...
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