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I don’t care if these guys are all volunteer burn victims and have saved the world from nuclear holocaust. This is an assault on the senses.
I am dying here!!
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Originally Posted by OakBerry View Post
Omg that is freakin' hilarious!
And not sure what this says about me, but the captions are the best part.
: My favorites are "The Many Facets of Roger" and "Joyce"
Originally Posted by rainsmom
I cant believe this thread......itll never go away!

Kinda makes me a little sad. My friend who had sent me the link to this and inspired me to start this thread.......died in an accident this summer on his birthday. I miss him.......he had a way of making me laugh.
Originally Posted by georgia
rainsmom, he has certainly touched a lot of lives by spreading a lot of laughter I'm sorry to hear about your loss

I'm bumping this up in honor of your friend...for those who haven't yet read the exploits of zipzaprap!!!
Thanks for the laugh Rainsmom, it is a great site. I too am sorry for your loss.
And thanks for reviving the thread again Georgia! I don't know how I missed it in the past!

Take Care,
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I think he changed the links.

These work.
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This thread is back!

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If you like these, you'll like the link in this thread.
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I never knew this thread existed but ive seen this before! I think I got it in an email a few years back. So hilarious!!
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I just sent those links to everyone I know...hilarious!!

I was shocked when I realized this thread was started 3 yrs ago!! :
Still has me rolling!
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Oh, what the heck....bump
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Thank you for bumping.
I needed a laugh and the baby is laughing b/c I am, which makes me laugh harder.
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too funny. I think I broke a rib :
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oh wow, I can't believe how hard i was laughing. I was very dissapoitned that I couldn't see the email from Jim Post's son though.
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