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"Felt" the baby

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So today I was lying on the bed and I could see that the left side of my belly was higher...it was like warped or something.  I called over DH and he saw it too...totally warped.  So we felt my belly and sure enough...there was the baby!  Not like we felt him/her move, but it was totally hard as a rock right there on the left side as opposed to the mushy right side.  The difference was dramatic.  I'm not sure of a lot of things, but I'm sure of this.  Cool, huh?  Oh, and coincidentally (well I guess not a coincidence now), each time I have thought I felt flutters/pokes/etc, it has always been on the left side.


Do they usually hang out on one side?  I know they can't when they are bigger.

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Yay!  I've noticed that warped look, mostly when I wake up.  It's your whole ute being displaced by your bladder, most likely.  I do tend to feel the flutters mostly on one side, but I'll get the warp shape to either side depending on which side I was lying.

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So sweet!  Yes, I have definitely notice my baby prefers one side of the other this early on - it seems like they like to face the placenta - so if the baby is one side, the placenta is probably on the other.  That has been my experience!  Looking forward to feeling more movement very soon : )

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