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Anybody use the home gender test?

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I've been thinking about picking up one of those urine gender predictor tests. But I don't want to get all excited about one gender only for it to turn out to be another. I know it's never 100% even with ultrasound but I'm willing to take the risk if it's 90+%. How accurate are these things? If you've used it, how easy was it to interpret and was it accurate?

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I don't have personal experience, but there have been threads in past DDCs comparing those test results with the actual results. Seems like it's pretty much a scam/placebo, with around 50% accuracy or so. I seem to remember last year's June DDC had a thread on it if you want to look it up...


At the same time, it might be fun just to play around with.

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With my last child, my due date board did an intelligender test experiement. They used different household ingredients, like vinegar and stuff and it gave all kinds of different boy/girl results. The ones that used them properly according to a poll where 56% correct. Not even close to reliable to me.  

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I used one for my last child and it was right!  It was fun and super easy...just pee in a cup...plus it was only 20 bucks, so what's the harm :)


If you want to try it, then go ahead and try it!  But like it says on the box..don't go and paint your nursery blue or pink after reading the results.

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I did one and it was correct (as per my ultrasounds). It said I was having a boy. :)  It's just for fun, if you want to try and see if it works for you, go for it.

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I did it but just for fun.  I haven't had my u/s yet.  My best friend took the test when she was in her 2nd tri and it came out girl, clear as day.  Hers was right!  She's expecting a girl in April!  Mine came out super clear boy, so we shall see in a few weeks.  So far at my NT scan, the tech was about 80% sure baby is a boy.  It's not an expensive home test, it's fun, and why not do it if you're interested?  It helps pass the time!  

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I hear it's about a 50/50 thing. A friend of mine did one and it said boy and she's having a girl. I think if you go into with a "it's fun" attitude and don't bank on what it says you'll be fine. I'm glad I didn't do one because my oldest REALLY wanted a brother and would've been heartbroken if it had said boy and we ended up with a girl.

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