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Where to find wet/needle felting supplies

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I live on the upper Cape and want to do some wet felting Easter projects. (I've never felted before, just found tutorials online.) I was wondering if anyone knew of area stores where I could buy wool roving, etc? (I know I can go online, but would prefer to skip the shipping costs and would like to be able to see the colors in person.) Also, after looking at some of the awesome things that can be made through felting, I'd love to find a class somewhere. I doubt there is anything in the upper-Cape area (or within a half an hour drive), but thought I'd double check to see if anyone knew of something. (I did a little Googling and came up with nothing.)

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Cotuit  might be too far but I'd call the KinderCraft store and see:  http://www.waldorfschoolofcapecod.org/pages/kindercraft.php  508-420-0523

Sorry, I always get confused by upper and lower cape.

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Actually, Cotuit is fairly close. They don't pick up when I call, but I understand that hours are odd due to parent staffing. I'll try them tomorrow and leave a message if I have to. Thanks for the tip.

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I have no idea what part of the Cape is which (I'm actually up by the Cape Ann area, like, north of Boston!), but have you just looked into regular ol' yarn/knitting stores? Not only do many yarn stores carry bits of roving anyway, you don't actually NEED roving exactly to wet felt, just wool;  you can wet felt with plain old feltable yarn (if it doesn't say "superwash" you're probably good to go, or you can just ask the person at the store what yarns are suitable for a felting project).  Also, do you happen to have any pets?  Cat fur  wet felts beautifully, and I assume dog fur would also wet felt.  It would probably also needle felt, too - but then you need to find needle felting supplies.  I combed out my cat & felted his fur into a nice square one day, using some  screening for a screen door that I cut  into 2 small pieces.  It's a nice memorial, since he recently passed on.  :(  If you pick up natural or white colored wool/roving, you can dye it yourself in the same manner you'd dye Easter eggs (vinegar & food coloring, or those little kits from the store), or you can even use powdered Kool-Aid/Flavr-Aid, to get the various colors you want.  Sorry about the block of text here, for some reason my Enter key isn't working to make paragraphs. *blush*







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