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Is my thermometer broken?

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I've been temping for one cycle (which is at 32 days now) and my temps are all over the chart. They're also low (96 and 97 range) and while my temp has gone up multiple times, I haven't had an obvious ovulation. I had my hormonal IUD out right before starting to chart, so I've assumed all these crazy temps are because my body is adjusting. What makes me think my thermometer is broken is that I've gotten the EXACT same temp for the last 4 days (97.18). My daughter spilled water on the thermometer about a week after I bought it, but I dried it immediately and it wasn't fully submersed. It's a Walgreens brand BBT thermometer. Does brand even matter? If so, what the best brand to buy?
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I think it's fairly common to have several "flat" temps in a row -- but it is a funny feeling when it happens!  Unless you feel like your temp readings changed dramatically following the water, I wouldn't worry about it.  It seems like water would either short it out or nothing (maybe?).


I think you're pretty normal having strange cycles coming off an IUD, also, and there are a lot of ladies on here who have gone through it -- if you need help interpreting your chart, the Charting to Avoid (Or Whatevering depending on what you're doing) is a relaly good resource.


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When my Walgreen's brand thermometer died, it just quit.  My temps often even out before I ovulate.

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I had the same issue with a Walgreens thermometer, minus the water spilling. I switched to a BD one that got good reviews on Amazon. I'd be able to tell you if that seemed to fix the problem, except I got pregnant the month I started using it!


I tried switching the battery on the Walgreens and it didn't make a difference. 97.18 was one of the temps I always got too. It still showed a shift with ovulation, but I didn't trust it. There were like four or five temps it gave me over and over.

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Thanks for the responses. I also looked up reviews on Walgreen's site and they're all awful! Apparently I'm not the only one getting the exact same temp over and over. Also not the only one with low temps. I'm going to look into the BD thermometer. Any other ones people recommend? 

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