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Shapeshifting Stomach?

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Friday morning I went to work in pre-preg jeans and a belly band, only to be unable to fasten them at all later in the day.  Saturday, my stomach seemed to be on par with what I looked like at about 5 months and I completely filled out maternity jeans.  The next day, it just looked like AF bloat!  And today, I look about what I did last week - bigger than Sunday, but tinier than Saturday.  I do not remember this at all the first time around!  Granted, my first pregnancy was way back in the dark ages ;-) , so my memories are a bit hazy in general...


Anyone else going through this?

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I definitely have a changing belly from morning to night each day.  I look SO much more pregnant as the day goes on.  I just ate lunch, and it felt like I could feel the bella band tightening as I went on!

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All the time.  For me, I think it is the baby lying differently in my uterus.  If babe is lying sideways, my belly is my lower than if he or she is lying vertically.  Granted, my muscle tone is non-existent : ) 

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