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Flushed cheeks and food sensitivity?

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Hi.  My 10 yo son has been having flushed cheeks off and on for awhile.  I've been so busy dealing w/2 other children's issues that I haven't really thought much of it until today.  Then for some reason I realized that maybe his flushing is food related?  Anyone had experience w/this?  I suppose I should keep a food diary?  

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pFood diary would be great. For my kids, the flushing was pretty quick after a food (for DS, it was soy, for DD2 it was apples). For my kids, they'd also spend the whole night screaming. Are there any other signs of a food intolerance? It could also be teething, especially with upper teeth.

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Thanks.  He's 10, so pretty much done teething for now.  I have a croupy kiddo right now, and no sleep, so didn't get a chance to even think about it any more yesterday.  I will start a diary today.  Funny, though, we are out of apples, which he LOVES, and I don't believe I saw him flushed yesterday.....Hmmmm.

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I've heard that flushed cheeks are usually related to salicylate or phenol intolerance.  Apples are high in sals, I believe.

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Definitely try a food diary... here's a good article on food allergies and kids and how to start an elimination diet...

Children with food allergies

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Thank you.


I have a friend whose son has issues w/salicylates.  What a pain, because they are in so much!  I am just actually starting to learn more about phenols, too. 

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Both of my kids get flushed cheeks as a salicylate reaction.  Some apples are high in salicylates, some (golden delicious, especially if peeled) are pretty low.

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How do you know if salicylates is a problem? Just by the food that gives a reaction?

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Yes, by the reactions.  There is no medical test, it is a chemical sensitivity, basically.  My kids are very sensitive.  My son will get a hivey rash within an hour or so of eating something high in sals (even a few tablespoons of ketchup), his cheeks flush sometimes.  DD2 gets flushed cheeks, emotional meltdowns, and constipation.  It's rough, it eliminates a lot of food but we are much happier with them gone! This is a great place to start reading.  http://salicylatesensitivity.com/about/food-guide/

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